Record song release from Stratosphere Muzic

Record song release from Stratosphere Muzic
Nicole David.
Road March Queen Nicole David.

PRESS RELEASE – Saint Lucia music label Stratosphere Muzic has done a one-time unprecedented release of eleven new songs for Saint Lucia Carnival 2014.

On Wednesday May 21, the home of eight Saint Lucian artistes including reigning Power and Groovy Monarch as well as Road March King Ricky T, Mongstar and lone female Road March Queen Nicole David released music from these artistes and others on three separate Riddims.

Also featured was music from Trinidadian Sean Caruth, who in 2006 became the first person to take a Saint Lucian music production by Courtney “Curty” Louis to the International Groovy Soca Monarch Competition in Trinidad with “Baby Girl”.

Caruth was in Saint Lucia earlier this year to work with Louis, the CEO of Stratosphere Muzic and is featured on “Bumper Inspector” off the Truck Horn Riddim. The other new release on the Truck Horn Riddim is from the lone female to win the Piton Soca Starz competition, 2011 champion Sergie on “In a Party Mode.”

Three of the new songs are featured on the Mad People Riddim. They are “Rahhhh” by reigning Power Monarch Ricky T, “Get On” by 2012 Power Soca Monarch Superman HD and “Troublemakers” by 2012 Piton Soca Starz champion Jay Budz. Earlier releases on the Mad People Riddim are Mongstar “Mad People Alone” and Nicole David featuring Ricky T on “In Di Middle Of Di Road”.

In addition, the Pretty Bounce Riddim which features new music from Ricky T “Nasty Pressure”, Mongstar “In a Fete”, Nicole David “Bacchanal-Lay”, Jay Budz “She Tie Me”, Invader “InFront” and newcomer Boom! alongside Mongstar on “Lwil Koko” was also released.

All the new music has been made available to local radio and DJ’s. They can also be found on the Stratosphere Muzic social media pages including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Soundcloud – the keyword for all searches is stratomuzic.

They are also available for online purchase.


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  1. yeah man Curty take it to new level, even Motown had flops , so the more you put you increase your chances of that one making it big bro, you know lucians favorite past time is gossip and idiotic criticism, keep it up , the city behind you.........1000%


    • It is not Curty that's the issue. His stuff is good but the majority of the performers are far from ready.

      Hot Bread and Butter - Johnny ft General is that??

      Stop hyping up crap man, be honest and help those guys raise the bar!


  2. hope this is not another year where we hype up (nonsense) music that blossom and dies without the potential even crossing our waters.. except on our Lucian boat rides ..Im a lover of quality music and really want our Lucian product to reach highter hights but when we continualy release sub standard crap and glorify and celebrate our BIG TUNES and big up our chest like we have arrived while we are so far from the mark we are doing ourselves a dis servive.Please ppl play your product next to machel,bunji,sherwin,nadia batson,patrice,nappy,alison,rupie,john king,ronnie mc entosh and yes our local boy Tennyson and lets be honest..we eh ready yet..


  3. We want quality not quantity. Lucians moving up positively on the production side of things but sad to say the lyrics of them songs need plenty of work. Some just make absolutely no sense whatsoever.

    Curty, Ace, Penn, Libo please I know you guys wanna make the bucks but it's your name behind some of the trash that gets played; those guys are just waisting your beats. We can step up on the international scene but the writers/artists need to think big and make music for not only lucians to enjoy.


    • very well said worried, this has been going on for too long lets start filtering the trash from the good stuff. if you mix in trash with good stuff you always end up with all of one bad apple spoiling the whole bunch. Thanks worried



  4. Thats it my boy Curty show them what we made of. Not just talk we walk the walk!!Now Politicians do your work and stop blaming. We not blaming we working!!!


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