Ready for a challenge? Hike on St. Lucia’s highest peak: August 16 and 30

Ready for a challenge? Hike on St. Lucia’s highest peak: August 16 and 30

Climb-For-The-CausePRESS RELEASE – The Children’s Literacy Action Support (CLAS) presents, “Climb for the Cause”—Two challenging, yet enjoyable hikes up Mount Gimie, the highest peak in St. Lucia, on August 16th and 30th.

CLAS is a non-profit organization that provides holistic support to children in economically deprived communities. Recently, CLAS has established a Scholarship Fund to provide assistance to children who excel in the Common Entrance Exam.

This effort seeks to raise funds for this scholarship fund.

Hike Details

No mountain-climbing gear or climbing experience is necessary.

Meeting point: Derek Walcott Square (point nearest the Library)

Scheduled departure time: 6:30 a.m.

Dress: Comfortable shoes (sneakers or hiking boots), T-shirts, track pants, sports shorts, etc. (preferably dark clothing; no jeans)

Items to carry: Water (at least 1.5 litres), lunch pack, snacks, a change of clothes.

Hike duration: 3 hours from the starting point to the top and 3 hours back. (Total of 6 hours)

Departure point after hike: Head of Mount Gimie trail. Persons will board the bus back to Castries

Total Cost: EC $100—Covers bus fare and tour guide fee

A maximum of 25 persons will be allowed on EACH hike. Additional activities: Visit to waterfall at the base of Mount Gimie.

Photos of the hike will be made available online to all climbers for download!

Tickets can be purchased at Money Gram on the Ground Floor of the Blue Coral Mall, or call 718-5177.

Climb for the cause!


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  1. Very good initiative. After 12 years in St. Lucia, I live now in the Highlands of Panama near Costa Rica. Plenty of foreigners are hiking here. Our nearby Volcano BARU is over 4 times higher than Mount Gimmie. Plenty of tours here for hiking to the top of the BARU volcano to see The Pacific as well as the Atlantic ocean. It takes here also about 6 to 7 hours. But here the start is already at 1,200 meters and less steep than Mount Gimmie. It is quite cold up there but no snow. From our home in Mochy, at clear days, we could see wonderfull Mont Gimmie.


  2. Long pants is best, buh a track pants or sum soft...shorts pants is not 2 good 4 this hike since there are so many bush and iidint think either 1 of you wants 2 mark your skin..:)


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