Reading champs receives Digicel 4G handset

Reading champs receives Digicel 4G handset
Participants of the Courts Reading Competition with their new 4G DL 700 handsets.
Participants of the Courts Reading Competition with their new 4G DL 700 handsets.

PRESS RELEASE – Digicel St. Lucia supported the 6TH annual Courts Schools Reading Competition which was held at the Civil Service Association (CSA) Center on September 29th 2014.

Gabrielle Barthelmy of the Camille Henry Memorial School emerged victorious in the competition and received her very own Digicel DL 700 Android smartphone.

As the ‘Be Extraordinary’ network, Digicel has always been in the forefront of youth development and is constantly supporting educationally based initiatives which seek to challenge the youth of St. Lucia to strive for excellence.

Courts St. Lucia has paved an avenue which helps to nurture the reading skills of children throughout St. Lucia.

The Courts Schools Reading Competition attracted participation from primary schools in eight districts. The competition comprised students aged 8 and 9 years.

Eight students; Cleo Phillip (Montessori Centre), Gabrielle Barthelmy (Camille Henry Memorial), Thea Jerome (Tapion School), Heaven Popo (Odsan Combined), Mc Kathy Francis (Richfond Combined), Ebony Antoine (Plain View Combined) and Dania Flavien (Saltibus Combined) ultimately became the representatives of their district in the national leg of the competition.

Digicel is passionate about the youth and seeks to partner with like-minded organizations whose primary focus is to improve the educational output of the youth, thus allowing them to explore their potential with a view to achieving at the highest levels.

“Digicel is committed to this initiative and was pleased to support the competition once again as it attempts to develop the reading capabilities of our St. Lucian youth,” said Marketing and Communications Executive Sergin John Baptiste.

“Placing emphasis on the development of reading skills that ultimately lead students to better express themselves is important, and Digicel will continue to play its part in raising awareness on improving this vital skill within the nation’s children.” she added.

At the competition, the participants were instructed to read two segments; The “Narrative” where each student was presented with the same article and “News Pieces,” based on actual events recently broadcast on our local television stations.

The competition was a very exciting one and was keenly contested, but in the end the Plain View Combined School, represented by Gabrielle Barthelmy, emerged victorious for the second year.

Gabrielle Barthelmy was elated to have won the competition and receive her very own Digicel DL 700 android smartphone.

When informed of the amazing features her new handset contained and how much of an educational tool it could be, Gabrielle was beyond words but in the end was able to muster up the courage to express her delight to Digicel representatives.

Young Gabrielle Barthelmy, the proud St. Lucian winner will represent her school and country in the regional round of the competition to be held in Grenada in October 2014.

Digicel joins the rest of St. Lucia in wishing Gabrielle all the best in the upcoming regional competition.


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    • Junior,

      Please be thankful and donate the money for the scholarships if you have a problem with the cell phones. It takes money to pay a childs school to include its a few of them there. Lets be real. If you had paid for your own school or if you went at all you would know that not easy. Be realistic.


  1. I am all for child development and giving, however I don not think itiswise to give grade five students smartphones.


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