Re-development of Port Castries still on the cards – Minister

Re-development of Port Castries still on the cards – Minister

The re-development of Port Castries remains on the cards for government as efforts are currently underway to secure partners to undertake the project.

That’s according to a press release from Minister for Infrastructure Phillip Pierre who informed that government is in talks with Royal Caribbean International (R.C.I.) in relation to an agreement on the venture.

“At a meeting held on March 4, 2013 the cabinet of the government of Saint Lucia issued guidance to the Saint Lucia Air & Sea Ports Authority (SLASPA) to allow for further discussions on the matter with Royal Caribbean International (R.C.I.) as it relates to the agreement with the government,” the statement said.

The release further stated that, “Recent discussions with R.C.I. has indicated that they are presently holding discussions with a potential partner who has indicated an interest and submitted documentation to allow for a full due diligence of the proposed partner,” the release said.

According to the release, government has instructed SLASPA to provide a timeline to R.C.I to finalize discussions with the new partner and to proceed with discussions with other potential allies if that deadline is not forthcoming.

According to the release, government has made it clear that it is not willing to move forward with the project with the previously proposed Asphalt and Mining company as partner.

“The government of the Saint Lucia continues to work with SLASPA to move the project forward but will only endorse a reputable partner,” the release said.

The statement went on to accuse the United Workers Party government of failing to comply with “a number of issues in the agreement and thus making the agreement invalid.”

Port Castries, under the project, will be transformed into a modern shopping plaza for cruise passengers, visitors and locals.

The release said government is fully committed to bringing the project to fruition.


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  1. So the development of Castries is for more shopping for more tourists?? It can't be developed for LOCAL use?? When are St. Lucians going to WAKE UP and stop making these idiots run the country!? I can bet my bottom dollar who gets this KON-TRAK, IDEA Orlando. A "firm" who designs for Disney World did a master "visioning" plan for St. Lucia, up to now Lucians don't know about it, or had no SAY in what was being developed for them.


  2. Can't these politicians do anything without pointing fingers at each other.
    Folks, politics and politicians in these small islands are messing up everything.

    I am just tired of such nonsense that do nothing to enhance our quality of life other than create more misery.

    We call ourselves black men, but refuse to build up our island in a way that our women and children will be proud of. But rather just behave like sissies and ramble over nonsense that is counter-productive.



  3. A Cabinet Meeting held March 4th and only now the government coming out with a press release? WTF is wrong with those politicians and who the hell do they think they are fooling? There is fire up their asses so they are trying to divert attention. Slizzy mother ..;


  4. far too much time has been wasted on this project it time to move forward and government should stop draging the project start moving forward.


  5. all we hear is talk about that development for castries from both parties,just get on with it and forget which party in power...bring in the work for the people,castries needs a facelift asap..come on labour party too much talk and bring it on...


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