Raymond defends PM’s travels: “We cannot sit idly by and expect investors to come to St. Lucia”

Raymond defends PM’s travels: “We cannot sit idly by and expect investors to come to St. Lucia”
Raymond (left) says PM Chastanet's travels are bearing fruit for Saint Lucia.
Raymond (left) says PM Chastanet’s travels are bearing fruit for Saint Lucia.

Minister in the Ministry of Finance Ubaldus Raymond has defended Prime Minister Allen Chastanet’s foreign travels as discussions continue as to whether these trips have brought any real benefit to Saint Lucia.

Speaking to the media on November 13, Raymond said that Chastanet’s travels as prime minister have resulted in a heightened interest in investment in St. Lucia.

The Citizenship by Investment Program (CIP) is among the sectors that he said has largely benefitted from the prime minister’s trips.

“St. Lucia has signed unto a number of treaties…organizations, and it is required of us to, as ministers, to be part of discussion, workshops, conferences. We were perhaps the last to establish the CIP in the Caribbean which means that we have to, as a country, be aggressive in terms of marketing that product,” he said.

“…The prime minister has been on the road trying his best to promote that programme and I can say to you that based on the numbers we have seen so far we are becoming successful. We are seeing interests in our programme because the presence of a prime minister selling the CIP is very, very important. We cannot sit in our chairs; we cannot sit idly by and expect investors to come to St. Lucia. We have to go out there and meet them. And we have seen a heightened interest in investment in St. Lucia. We have a pipeline of investments that will be unfolded very soon,” he said.

Raymond further stated that the travel of ministers to represent St. Lucia are also necessary and are part of government’s plan to steady the country’s economy.

“We as a government decided that we have to put policies and programmes in place to stabilise the economy. And we recognise that we are also living in a very different world. Change happens outside of St. Lucia and if change occurs outside we have to go where change is. That’s why it is very important that we as ministers, including the prime minister, must engage with the change movers or the movers of change that are located outside of St. Lucia.”

In early January, Chastanet had shot down insinuations that his frequent overseas trips were meaningless and there had been not one single investment coming out of them.

He had said that his foreign trips were necessary and would bear fruit in many sectors.

The gains of his travels would include the multi-million dollar Desert Star Holdings Limited (DSH) project, he said.


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  1. This news page is plagued with political hacks. Any time someone makes a positive and informative statement, they always get bashed by these unproductive, uneducated, brainwashed, Petty minded, and foolish SLP hacks who just can't see pass Kenny's ass. Same set of idiots hiding under all sorts of names to bash the government. Like it or not it's our government our country so I will support any government cause I want to see my country move forward. Shame on these political fools.......


  2. I liken this plan of seeking outside investment to a couple who built their wooden house in 1940. 70 yrs later the house is falling apart, needs repair or a brand new house may be best. But the couple decides to travel to the US to buy foreign paint, to the UK to get ornaments , to China to get fancy lights. Guys a better country need to be built, whats being done can't work.


    • @siabot stop the crap and express your ideas on how to build the county. Your suggestions above makes no sense whatsoever as common sense would prevail if you have a wooden house that needs rebuilding. We st. Lucia s usually add on to our existing building in wall eventually rebuilding the entire structure.


  3. This such BS some much so that he lists the DSH project as the only fruit of his travels. An investment that the previous government had brought in years ago smh.


  4. When Kenny use to travel u all say he travel to much this pm has travelled twice as much in one year than Kenny and we still have not moved one bit


  5. He has to talk ...cuz he kissing chasnet ass not to fire him. Salop man ... minister fair bom.... Salop go n hide your face ...you should be ashamed


  6. There is something called technology. VOIP. Skype, zoom, email etc. Who's paying for all of the traveling expenses.


    • Chastanet is traveling at the expense of the tax payers , and yet still not providing the jobs necessary for locals


  7. I find it very hard to see or believe anything coming out of your mouth. All I can see is your Weiner in your hands. Lile a true porn star. I have no Idea why chas keep making you make him look like a damn fool. Stop talking politics. Stick to what u love doing best... Holding your dick for teenagers. Time heals but that one won't go away. Mr seven day Adventist.


  8. I don't even know why you Ubaldus taking. I think you should keep your tail in you bum bum and shhhhh...


  9. He with thin cup all over the dam attracting investors ? Up to now he can't land one manufacture investor to set up shop not even free zone,everybody cant be Molly Maids and run taxi. It's the end of the year already and it's doom and gloom for working poor St Lucians they not feeling a difference in their pockets.


    • So what about the Taiwanese Investor who is going to be leasing the Argo-processing plant from the Government that's located in Chassin babonneau I think to manufacture fruit products and chocolate. he also wants to expand the current building to attract tourist to visit the site to see how it is produced. It's that manufacturing. But I guess yall don't read, watch news or anything that's informative all yall do is listen to talk shows that bash the government then yall come back and repeat the same shate yall hear. And trust me that a good move to find an Investor for it instead of the Government running because now you might get things done of an international standard that would benefit the coutry and the employees hence keeping them in a productive job.


    • You are fully right. I lived 12 years in St. Lucia. 3 year ago I emigrated to Panama. Wow a thriving country. Most of the goods in the malls in St. Lucia are being imported from the Panama free zone. Chastenet must visit Panama soon and learn a lot from this country. Panama the hub of the America's. Moreover Panama is a very mixed society. Afro's, native indians, mixed race and many chinese. AND it is about 30% cheaper to live here.


  10. oh shut up!!!!! what you know about horse shit? kenny was making a pie out of horse shit for people like you and yall not seeing nor tasting the difference and yall was still eating it and calling it delicious


  11. thats exactly what i have been saying. alot of people think he travels to much but if the work is out there then that is where he has to go, he cant sit in a chair all the time. Chastanet is a go getter he goes and gets it. and even if he travel and it does not benefit the country at least he still tried to bring some income to the country rather than relying on taxing poor people heavily like what kenny did.


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