Rats in Rodney Bay are next

Rats in Rodney Bay are next
Minister Hyppolite
Minister Hyppolite

Monday, November 05, 2012 – The Rodney Bay area has been earmarked for the next phase of the Gros Islet Rodent Eradication Programme.

A collaborative effort of the Gros Islet Town Council, the Parliamentary Representative for Gros Islet, the Ministry of Health and the Saint Lucia Solid Waste Management Authority, aims to address the problem of rodent infestation in the tourism hub of Saint Lucia.

Member of Parliament for Gros Islet, Honourable Emma Hippolyte, says the Rodent Eradication Programme is being executed in a consultative manner.

“I am meeting with the Rodney Bay Association on Wednesday November 7th, 2012 to map out a plan of action with them. First we will propose a general clean up of Rodney Bay and some baiting of the area and encourage residents to work as a community to reduce the rodent infestation in that area.”

The parliamentary representative says she understands making Gros Islet rodent-free is challenging, however it is in the best interest of all residents given the health complications associated with rodents.

She says all members of the community have a vital role in addressing this problem.

“With the help of the Gros Islet Town Council we are continuing the maintenance of providing bait for the rats but we need the entire Gros Islet community to understand that they have a role to play.  All residents and members of the business community have an important role in keeping Gros Islet rodent-free. One of the things we are doing now is supplying the Ministry of Health with the names of the owners of vacant lots in the constituency so they can write to them and inform them of the responsibility under the law to maintain the properties, and keep the general area clean because when we keep our surroundings clean we are keeping ourselves healthy.”

At the end of the Rodney Bay phase of the Rodent Eradication Programme another community will be targeted, all in an effort to make the Gros Islet District rodent-free.


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