Rastafarian’s death at Vigie Beach shocks friends, relatives

Rastafarian’s death at Vigie Beach shocks friends, relatives
Howard 'Howie' Gibson. Photo: Facebook
Howard 'Howie' Gibson. Photo: Facebook
Howard ‘Howie’ Gibson. Photo: Facebook

Tributes have been pouring in for a well-known Rastafarian who is suspected of drowning while swimming at Vigie Beach on Friday, August 7.

Howard Gibson, also known as “Howie” and “Prophet Howie”, is reported to have enountered difficulties while swimming and sank shortly after calling out for help.

His body was recovered the same afternoon, not too far from shore.

Friends and families have been posting messages on Gibson’s Facebook profiles, calling his death unexpected. They described Gibson, who was well-known in the north of the island, as a cool and humble person.

Below are some of the (unedited) condolences:

“Sad news today my breden Howard Gibson has passed on..about three months ago I saw you in town and you asked me for the crew we used to hang out with at the Barber shop, you asked for my fb name then you added me, we linked up on fb messenger a couple times and you seemed OK to me…safe journey my blood as we would always call each other, it was a pleasure knowing you…Jah Guide! R.I.P.”

“R I P bro… Life is so fragile yet it is over shadowed by things that take up space. Who knew this was coming at us? Let genuine love flow.”

“RIP our dear sweet Howie.. words cannot express how painful it is to lose you.. we have the memories of when we were young and wild and free.. and had the best years of our lives misbehaving in Castries.. love you always and miss you already xxxx”

“I completely lost for words. Howie was more than a friend. From my childhood crush to becoming one of my greatest supporters. I want to extend my condolences to his mom Paula, his brother Dane, his sister Lana and other family and friends. He was the sweetest and coolest guy I have ever met. I love you Howie. I will forever cherish all our wonderful memories.”

Eyewitnesses told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) that GibsonĀ arrived at the beach in a white Honda CRV and then sat under a coconut tree where he smoked – what is suspected to be marijuana – for sometime before going into the water.

Eyewitnesses said he was observed bathing in the water for about 10 to 15 minutes until they received reports by a couple that he had gotten into difficulty.

According to the eyewitnesses, a female said she heard the man shout but couldn’t make out clearly what he said, and initially didn’t suspect anything odd. The female, according to witnesses, then saw the victim go under the water completely and became concerned when he didn’t resurface.

She then alerted the boyfriend who then alerted other persons on the beach.

One of the eyewitnesses told SNO that she was shocked to observe the man’s lifeless body being removed from the water after seeing him alive not too long before, smoking by himself under the coconut tree.



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  1. We were roommates for years in Miami , really cool an kind hearted fella, we all went our separate ways but never thought it would end like this, Howard chose his life and it made him happy , he moved back home because he missed his family so forget about the marihuana thing and celebrate his life.


  2. Bouy oh bouy...........it seems to me that you have a problem with English Language, """ I said it's been used as a. Medical herb, and I don't have to be more detailed about it, whoever takes advantage or abused it, that's to their disadvantage. so maybe you need to get familiar with reading English properly. Moron!!!!!!!!!!, I'm not defending marijuana, I'm against drugs, alcohol, ect.


  3. Another life gone. So so sad. Howie/ Howard r.i. p. I was introduced to you mere hours before your unfortunate demise. I recall Mrs J introducing you as her adoptive son.I can still picture your smile . you looked like such a cool guy... Jah man, life is really unpredictable. R i p.......my condolences to his family and friends.


  4. My dan u was my king. You help me alot my bro. I cry so much already my g. Bro u will be missed. Lana and mrs gibson please accept my condolonces. All them people bad minding my g, please shut up. My g burn his herbs but howie was level, get that straight. The father jus call upon you my g. One love, i will carry your works and i will never forget you my g. One love. You not dead, you jus have moved on from this evilous world.


  5. Stop that hypocrisy! We loved telling people they stink or smell when you down but,as soon as life gets better for you.Hear them my blood,my blood my bredren coming at the same time to suck you dry if you now got a fancy ride and money.True or False?


  6. Aka,You talking nonsense.Do your research! No form of smoking is good for your health.Even the bible these rastas are reading said that,your body is the temple of god.Meaning that,you should not destroyed it.If research says that,marijuana has medical advantages not by smoking to achieve the good things it has for humanity in general.The way i see it with those who uses it in the caribbean.They are abusing thee herb.Go and understand the research you've got properly then come back again.Having a cup of boil tea if you have chosen to used it that way is different to when you are pulling it with smoke.Smoke can affect metal far-less your flesh and blood or the human body per say.Do that research again!


  7. Let he/she who is without sin throw the first stone. Shut up hypocrites!! And for your information Anonymous and %f%paulG if he had asked me for a place to sleep, food to eat or $ to hold it down I would gladly share because he was that kind of person to me. I am not a Pharisee.


  8. omg..... Listen up people its not about what he smoke or drink, everyone has a right to do as they please, it about the circumstances that he got himself into, and today he would be alive if only there were lifeguards on the beach, like a commentator said," HE was close on shore" had there being a lifeguard that life would have here today, for all who don't know, marijuana is a medical herb, I have never smoked it, but just do the research it speak for itself, so the problem is we as a nation have to put pressure on the government to put a system in place for when such incidents happens.

    ps..... Friends please make a valuable contribution that would help another tragedy, not curse at anyone,that doesn't make sense, for those persons he did wrong,forgive and forget,move on, he's decease now, when we fight with one another, do you'll think the government isn't reading about this, they're not wanting to do a thing because they are laughing at the us as idiots cursing one another come on now Lucianites step up and hold hands together, we need growth in this country to succeed stop all the blahhhhh........blahhhhh. ??????????? this is what we need.


  9. Nobody loves nobody.This is a dead hero society.We love to say to people when they down or unfortunate they sink! So,Mr deeply saddened what are you talking about?He was loved by people who say so? Man you don't know your culture in St.Lucia, or you are living in Mars? The truth must come to light on those rasta foolish vibes.They don't know righteousness!


  10. Why did the news item have to specify "Rasta"? Why could they not simple say " a man died?" Seems like Rasta is not human. Cheups. RIP!


  11. Mr deeply saddened.This is a dead hero society.The calypsonians have told you so.After your death people coming to say all kind of polish stuffs about you.Am sure if this man came to you when he was still alive and said to you.I don't have a place to sleep.What any of you would have done?We like to say to unfortunate people they stink.True or false?So go back with your nonsense this was a man the people loved.Nobody loves nobody?


  12. Who has forgotten this a dead hero society.When you dead people want to come and polish good things about you.While you are still alive,if you asked these same people a quarter to buy some food.These same people will go all over st.lucia and talk about what they have given you.So,go away with your nonsense mr.deeply saddened.If that man had come to you asked to sleep your bed,you would have never allowed him too.Now he's dead you want to come with your blah,blah,blah! Zot un payee sa la.


  13. I stopped smoking anything per say with regards to marijuana and that was the best thing i have ever done for almost 20yrs now.I always carried a box of matches in my pocket,my teeth was getting tanish with the marijuana stain.Inside my mouth was getting dark far-less my lungs,a lot of carbon paper with those white paper called rizzler.At the same time i have noticed a lot of these smokers losing all their teeth but,don't know if that is due to smoking?So,am breathing better,in healing better by not smoking.God bless! Respect other people views about marijuana.Not every out-come is the same.


  14. R.I.P Howie,

    Such energy you had as a young man, and so helpful on the Job at C.O. Williams.

    Rest in perfect peace.


  15. Ms. Gibson, Lana & Dane please accept my deepest sympathy. I will miss Howie terribly but will never forget his loving, humble & calm spirit. May you rest in perfect peace Howie xoxo...

    On another note it is so astonishing how ignorance is bliss among St. Lucian's. So you read a report about a young man who is obviously loved and respected by many and instead of conveying condolences to his friends and family, you all will talk all this crap that is not even factual. Assholes that's not a talk show and certainly not the forum for this discussion so keep your opinions to yourself. Smh...


    • May the Lord bless u. There will be lots of surprise in God's Kingdom and i know Rastafarians will be there. He died for all


  16. HOWARD the body couldnt withstand he power of the water
    HOWARD the spirit could NEVER EVER DIE AND HE LIVES ON just like the most high one creator lives continually - with every breath we (those bodies who are still "alive") make....

    perfect love to all


  17. When you are talking about slave masters.Rastas used me already the same way as those white slave masters.You don't know me?These rastas have had me working for them on their water-melon plots and never paid me satisfactorily for my sweat and tears.I would of mention those Nyah-Binghi rastas to you but,i won't do that.Using their brothers then driving big jeeps around the country playing majesty with big robes and red gold and green turbines.You don't even know who is responding to you at this pointing time.Swallow that,Selassie dictor vibes you coming with there.I have been to Eithiopia.I can educate you on de irate.I remember working for those rastas in Fond St Jaques in Soufriere and them fellas wants to pay ten dollars a day to clean around their gardens.Isn't that slavary and exploiting man?Telling me to smoke a big joombar so that,i can work faster for them.Don't want me drink nor eat in their bash.A whole kind of silly doctrines.I will never advice any yutes to become a rastaman because,i have been there and i know what to expect.Burn pope and all these slogans which caused two present prisoners to go and burn worshipers in thee church in Castries.Rastas who caused that to happen and their judgement is coming.So,settle with your comments and smoke it in your chalice if you got one made out of a brown coconut.Foolishness you talking.


  18. to all these baldhead comments i believe that gunsmoke kills more people than ganjah smoke. so check yourself and your badminded thoughts. many of you criticize the herb and glorify the coke and crack and eat all the flesh of the earth. what kind of life is that? no wonder your thoughts are not clean and you cuss the almighty JAH everyday you wake up. many of you have lost your ways cause of your ungratefulness and selfishness sold out to the slave masters mentality and behaviour. the rastaman was no wicked gangsta man and thats why he never died at the barrel of a gun. to all the doubters and haters of the most high JAH RASTAFARI set yourself straight cause you never know how yours may end.


  19. I lost my brother through drowning on Jan 10th 1999, and to this day i still remember that day as if it just happened. My whole family was devastated especially my grandma and mom. He was also a rasta and very humble too. Today people always say to me that i resemble him. RIP, i understand the feeling. One day, one day....


  20. Shouldn't have entered the water after smoking it should have been the other way round, cuz your brain wouldn't have been able to acknowledge you were drowning until it was too late. It's still sad though!