“Rarely succeeds” — PM Chastanet scoffs at opposition’s plan to file no confidence motion

“Rarely succeeds” — PM Chastanet scoffs at opposition’s plan to file no confidence motion
Prime Minster Allen Chastanet. * File photo
Prime Minster Allen Chastanet. * File photo

(CMC) — Prime Minister Allen Chastanet has brushed aside plans by the main opposition St. Lucia Labour Party (SLP) to file a motion of no confidence in his ruling United Workers Party (UWP) administration.

“Very rarely do you see it succeed. I am confident that this one will have no success other than (the opposition) calling attention to themselves,” Chastanet told reporters.

SLP and Opposition leader Phillip J. Pierre last week announced that the opposition would file the motion and would await a date from the Speaker to debate the motion.

The UWP controls 11 of the 17 seats in the Parliament and Pierre acknowledged that all six opposition legislators would be voting for the motion, adding “we will leave each minister to his conscience”.

But Chastanet told reporters “any parliamentarian can call for a vote of no confidence,” recalling that motions of no confidence have been presented on several occasions in the Caribbean.

The announcement by the SLP leader to file a motion of no confidence comes after the party staged a massive demonstration in the capital earlier this month with supporters calling on Prime Minister Chastanet, who returned to the island recently from a three week vacation, to call fresh general elections claiming that his policies were hurting the socio-economic development of the island.

“The next step now is that Her Majesty’s loyal opposition will now use the legal tools that are available to us. We are going to indict the government in Parliament,” Pierre said, adding that all government legislators would have to give an account of their stewardship since coming to office.


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  1. A stupid, dumb and arrogant Prime Minister, the country do not want you to lead them; go away - vieux chien.


    • Sad to say you of all low life calling the Prime Minister an old dog? Watch yourself idiot you are a hack but remember when you dig for gold ...a..hole you get coal greedy fool. Sakway coparayson go away and take your lack of intelligence with you moron.


  2. Had the motion been tabled by a sitting and high-ranking member of the UWP, then one would have to believe that there is a "complot" to remove the PM from office. Additionally, a possibility of some members willing to cross the floor could not be ignored.

    But without the votes to carry the motion, this is largely another SLP publicity stunt. There will be more to attempt to cover up what the SLP has apparently absorbed representation of the international drug trade deep within its bosom


  3. Well said my Prime Minister please do not give the losers the time of day. To all the haters go sit down somewhere and be quiet,because you all are contributing nothing to St.Lucia. What you contributing is complain,condemn and 4ing criticize. These three things hold no value if you all are not adding to positive changes. Pierre and the entire SLP party step aside and let Mr Chastanet and the UWP party do their thing and that is taking care of business because if you think you are trying to put St.Lucia out there you are failing miserably. Eleven is larger than six always.


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