Rapper T.I. and Tiny vacationing in St. Lucia

By SNO Staff

American rapper and actor Clifford Joseph Harris Jr., professionally known as T.I. and Tip, has arrived in St. Lucia to join his wife Tameka “Tiny” Cottle, according to a celebrity/gossip news site.

The artiste was seen at the Hewanorra International Airport this afternoon, according to several residents who contacted our newsroom.

“He had an Escalade waiting right up front. He tried to disguise himself, wore a hoodie and sunglasses but some people recognised him,” one source told St. Lucia News Online (SNO).

The source added that whenever a celebrity vacations in St. Lucia it is good for the country’s image as a tourist destination.

SNO understands that Tiny arrived in St. Lucia earlier this week. The couple are reportedly staying at a resort in Soufriere.

The Shade Room,  a popular celebrity news and gossip site, posted a photo of the couple on its Instagram page with the caption: “Looks like #TinyHarris and #TI are vacationing together to celebrate her birthday in #StLucia. Issa husband and wife or nah?”

According to media reports, Tiny filed for divorce from T.I. in December 2016 after six years of marriage, however the couple appears to be back on good terms.

Saint Lucia has been a vacationing and wedding haven for a number of celebrities over the years. Last month, three were spotted on island: Premier League club Arsenal player, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain; rapper/actor Christopher ‘Ludacris’ Bridges, and cornerback for the Tennessee Titans, Logan Ryan.

The three were spotted with their significant others.


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  1. Give God the Praises he's able!!! He is always on time

  2. TI is the greatest pretender.
    Tiny is in love with BONZO

  3. TI is a great pretender.
    Tiny is in love with the BONZO

  4. Natascha Williams davis

    Happy birthday tiny you and t.i belongs together y'all are the perfect couple enjoy your day

  5. Happy Birthday Tiny May God Continue To Bless You With Many More To Come Enjoy Your Special Day Glad To See You And Your Husband Together Celebrate Your Special Day Nothing Like Having Your Best Friend By Your Side Enjoy!!!!!

  6. What God has joined together let no man take apart it takes a 50-50 thing to keep it together God bless you both

  7. You both look wonderful together and in your life alway put God first,family second,and your needs last ever thing is gonna work out as God plan.May you both be bless,and keep doing what you both do best your music and your family,Also Mrs.Harris Happy Birthday and many,many more to come.Love God,Your family,and Yourselves.

  8. I love these two now t.i pull it together and make it work with your wife your backbone your best friend tiny is loyal

  9. I'm so happy for them..marriage is between 2 people! !! So keep everyone else out of it

  10. God bless them for trying to keep it together...Life in itself is hard enuf...let alone a marriage...

  11. So glad to see them back together. They are mean't to be and there beautiful children. 🙂

  12. I Love these 2 people and hope they get back together because it seems they still love each other

  13. Wonderful!! Good to see y'all both together again, this is y'all Cuzin Tiffany in Detroit MI.

  14. It was fake news. No divorce, only gor the show. Marriage is sacred anyway. Live and love Ti and Tiny.

  15. To and Tiny, try and work on your marriage and get back together . Think about those kids. They need you both

  16. Good luck Tiny and TI love isnt easy ive learned that now being married 3yrs but its qorth it keep fightibg for eachother you will never regret ot and bud a lasting friendship and love life best wishes smoochez ??????

    • God has blessed both of you and it's our job as humans to persevere and come out winners . Do it together with blessing from our Lord ??????

  17. Happy to see these two back together!

  18. I am so Happy to see them together what a great look!

  19. Happy BIrthday.! Enjoy Life !
    GoDs BleSsings AlwaYs !??????????????????

  20. The media need to stay out of people business. I wish it wasn't no internet, no cellular phone because they all tracking device let people live there lives everybody have up and down enjoy you're vacation my sister and brother.

  21. Yes bless I love to see a married couple working things out .if people on social media don't got nothing good to say don't say nothing ???????

  22. It's only right that the couple remains together , It hurt alot of people they don't even know exist seeing them apart. My family lifts you guys up in prayer .

  23. I cant believe how this woman allows this man to yo yo with her emotions. She deserves everything he drags her through.

    • Tiffany M Adams


    • Exactly!! 2morrow it will be over again! Make up yalls minds! Good Lawd!!

  24. give people their privacy, media.

  25. Can't believe the media
    Glad the working it out. We all no it's not easy

  26. I really wish the best for them two, kiss and make up. My husband been fighting cancer for seven years, we have three kids two teens and one little boy, I won't give up I will walk this jurney with him. I made a promise to god and my husband. May God bless you all stay strong king and qween.

  27. Although I wish them the best, I truly wish they would make up their minds--do they wish to be together or not? They are older adults, not Junior High or High School kids who go back & forth with one another. Make a decision and stick to it. This back & forth is beginning to get tiresome to me. Just my opinion.

    • Tiffany M Adams

      They grow up together.. He needs so free time and she know it. That why she stick by him... He was young and now he just want to do him. He will never leave her. SO ALL Y'ALL SIDE CHICK DEAL WITH IT...

  28. M.N.ROBINSON?????


  29. Enjoy, wish the best for them, whatever they decide to do. To TI, i believe you have a good woman and mother to her kids. God Bless

  30. Just wanna let them know I m.praying for u guys. God is first and marriage along with family is what's up. U guys have been great together beautiful life, lovely kids. Yellow ride it out. U both are very strong human beings.


    Praying for you guy beautiful couple

  32. Lets not turn a blindeye

    All these homicides that dont match the population going on and some peeople will comment "st. Lucia sweet etc" happening in the island and we are gonna focus on celebrities vacationing in st.lucia. i could careless. These celebs are well protected and at the end of the day dont dgaf about YOU. Lets stop putting these people on a pedestal and focus on our country's demise. Because chaos can be in our frontdoor at anytime the way things are going lately.

  33. So Happy for. them. Life is to short.....Live & Let Live Enjoy Your Life as you Both see fit.....much love for you !!!

  34. Yes, love it! Keep it up, TI and Tiny?

  35. Love them!!!

  36. Roxanne Haywood

    Let go let God. Life is too short. Let go of the infinitesimal stuff and re-comnit. I am rooting for the two of you. You have a BEAUTIFUL family!!

  37. Thank you TI.and Tiny for keeping your Family together. You have a wonderful family God is able keep on doing you and them beautiful kids I love y'all and wishing you all the Best !!!!!!

  38. Much love to you both :-*

  39. Wishing them a wonderful vacation. Hope they enjoy our island and come back again.

    • I am really happy for you both. Things come up in life sometimes and the devil don't sleep,but I pray GOD continue to bless your family. Don't look back @ nothing negative step on it and keep it moving.

    • BabyGirl Mitchell

      I don't think so and why would y'all want people to come back to the island anyway what will happen if y'all have a hurricane season there couples won't be able to go over there nomore

  40. That's how you treat your significant other go girls.. enjoy yourself?

  41. This needs to stop. If they wish to be inconspicuous, then their wishes need to be respected. Otherwise they will stop coming. And then what? If they wish to publicize or become involved in causes then, well and good.

  42. A warm welcome to all of you...and thank you for choosing our beautiful island... Please enjoy it to the fullest.

  43. Nice!!!!

    • Yes hope you'll enjoy your vacation and I hope everything works out between you guys you make a beautiful couple and family T.I get it together and keep your Queen

    • Yes hope you'll enjoy your vacation and I hope everything works out between you guys you make a beautiful couple and family T.I get it together and keep your Queen

    • Beautiful I pray that the two love birds work it out because they are my favorite couple love you guys
      enjoy your vacation together ???

      • Happy birthday tiny you and t.i are truly blessed to have each other and y'all are a perfect couple love you both enjoy y'all life together


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