Rape victim discloses horrific ordeal, advises against taking rides

Rape victim discloses horrific ordeal, advises against taking rides

A young Dennery businesswoman who was raped and robbed by three men early Sunday morning (May 11) has advised against hitchhiking.

“I would advise them not to take rides from anybody,” she said.

The 21-year-old gave details of her ordeal in an exclusive interview with St. Lucia News Online (SNO) today, Tuesday, May 13.

She told SNO that she closed her small business around midnight Saturday and left the premises in the company of her last customer.

Both females had no choice but to hitchhike. The victim said her boyfriend was in Castries at the time and her father’s vehicle had mechanical problems.

The women were however able to get a ride from a male stranger who dropped them at “the La Ressource gap”.

The victim told SNO that they both walked to the Richfond gap where they soon parted company.

“The girl walked up to her home because she did not live too far from the Richfond gap. I decided to wait for a ride because I was a little bit tired and I had a good bit of walking to do to get to my home,” she explained.

In addition, her home, which she shares with her boyfriend, is located a “good distance” along a lonely path of banana plantations, trees and bushes.

Tired and confident of getting a ride – something she has been doing for three years – the woman told SNO she waited patiently.

“That is something I do almost every day… It never came across my mind that a situation like this would happen. I have never experienced anything close to it,” she said.

The victim did not have to wait long before a car came into sight. At first the vehicle looked familiar so she signaled it to stop.

“I thought it was a guy I knew but I realised it was not him, but I really needed a ride,” she said.

There was nothing immediately suspicious. She observed only one person on board – the driver. The front door windows were down but the backdoor windows were up and heavily tinted. She said “good night” and he gave the same response.

The car was quiet until “about 50 seconds later” when “I felt somebody touching me on the back of my neck”.

“When I tried to look back, he pushed my head so I couldn’t see who touched me,” she told SNO.

Things got worst. “One put a knife to my neck and another put a gun to my head,” she said.

One of the perpetrators at her back also blocked her eyes. She recalled the driver saying nothing, but kept on driving while the men carried out their terror on the helpless passenger.

She cried as the men asked her what she had in her possession. She continued to beg for her life as they proceeded to tell her to “shut the [email protected]#%^ up”.

According to the woman, she told them to take “anything they want” but not to kill her. The men eventually took her bag which contained over $300 worth of cash, a Blackberry cell phone and other items.

“I couldn’t see anything but I knew where they brought me,” she noted.

The final destination of the crime was not too far from where she was picked up. It was the entrance to a small road among the banana plantation.

They pulled her out of the car and raped her in the bushes – all three of them. The ordeal lasted about 40 minutes.

“They didn’t beat me because I gave them what they wanted. I begged them not to kill me,” said the terrified woman.

She disclosed that the men asked each other for condoms. Only one condom was available but eventually all three had sexual intercourse with her, without protection.

She was not able to identify any of the men because they used her bra to cover her eyes during the whole episode, plus it was dark.

She was then released and told to walk away.

“After they raped me they let me go lower down so I could put on my clothes but I did not go on the road I ran through the banana plantation,” she said.

She ran through the bushes naked, holding her bra and clothes, so frightened that she forgot her shoes and panty at the scene of the crime.

She ran until she saw a utility pole at the side of the road with a garage nearby. She waited a few minutes to see if any car would pass, then when she thought it was clear, she dashed across the road in the direction of the garage.

She knocked on a door, and a man she described as a security guard, came to her assistance. She told him what happened and proceeded to take a wash-off under a pipe.

“I stayed under the pipe for 20 minutes because my body was itching all over because I ran through the grass and bush,” she explained.

After she had gotten dressed, the security guard accompanied her to the road where she got a ride from a man she knew. She asked to be taken to the home of her boyfriend’s parents. The matter was reported to police and she was taken to St. Jude Hospital for medical examination and treatment.

“I am still worried,” she told SNO. She said though she was given a “morning-after pill” to prevent pregnancy, she is still worried about getting an STD.

“Right now I am still in shock … right now it’s still like I am in a dream,” she said in disbelief.

From now on, the rape victim said she plans to leave work earlier and “if I don’t get a ride I will stay at my mother’s home”.

“Sometimes my father drops me home but at that time (night of the incident) when I called him the vehicle had a problem and my boyfriend was not around,” she explained.

She advises people, especially females, to stop taking rides from strangers.

“Obviously, I am going to be more careful,” she said.

Police are investigating the incident but no arrests have been made to date.


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  1. i feel for you my girl be strong ......and may u have a quick recovery... didnt you see the driver's face when u entered the car? .......at least so they can get a head start .... really wish they wud pay for what they did to u


  2. da best ting day can do now is add da girl bb pin n watch if someone will accept n question da person.i did dat once wen dey stole my cuz phone n got it bak saw da person face n got all da info u must jus b smart.


  3. This is terrible. Let's hope the police can track down those criminals. What this cries for is: St. Lucia needs a dependable public transportation system especially at night.


  4. Omg I am in Tears. How could human beings be so heartless gosh. I am happy and sad at the same time. I am happy that they didn't kill her and sad that she had to go through that knowing that those dogs are still out there. And what pains my heart is the fact dat you don't know who those bastards are. You have not a clue. For all you know u cld be next to them and not know. Lord have mercy. I pray to god that the find them and put them to shame how could u do dat to someone.


  5. she said the car look familiar so use that to track down those criminals,since she knew the place they took her in that area it is clear they are from the smae area


  6. Reading this brought tears to my eyes and pain in my heart. i don't even know this young lady and yet i feel her pain. Why couldn't they just take the money and the belongings and let her go. Realising that they didn't have enough protection didn't even stop them from raping her. Are those men even human. How could they do this despicable act and sleep at night. For some reason i think they targeted her, maybe they had beef with her boyfriend but i don't think this happened randomly. I wish her all the best, i hope she seeks counselling and gives herself time to heal. i hope those creatures die like dogs and die miserable deaths.


  7. This is so sad and disgusting. The hurtful part about it is that those bastards did not use protection, I could only imagine the distress that this lady is going through. Constantly worried whether she has contracted a STD from one of those guys, who I am sure have women all about the place. Those are the bastards when they've been killed, persons will say,"he was a good boy...." I would not call them dogs because dogs are man best friends, very protective of their family! May God heal you my dear.


  8. Hopefully we dont hear of an incident like this ever again. if anyone is unfortunate to find themselves in a similar situation go straight to the police, there is a better chance of collecting evidence before washing off. These animals were driving around looking around looking for trouble. Can't recall you mentioning the make and model of the car? They will find the dogs dead by the wayside sooner or later..


  9. Hey stop bashing Mary she is just doing her job. What you should be doing is imploring the government to do theirs with the same persistence as Mary. So in that case things will be balanced and whsoever is responsible will pay. We have laws to protect everybody and i am sure that if your son was arrested for this crime it would be a different kettle of fish. First you would have doubts that he was the right person. Secoundly if you had word that it was actiually him then you would want him to be treated fairly and recieve a fair trial. Smh


  10. this whole incident is totally wrong .. no woman deserves this .. i hope one day the idiots who did this will be caught and women becareful, there are even some of u who would constantly seek rides from other firneds/individuals by jus giving them a call when you in a need of a ride to go out, trust no one cuz u never know when that individual/friend can switch on u at any point in time, TAKE THIS AS LESSON !!!


  11. My Dear I think these men know who you are. They planned this thing all along. It must be tough for you, your BF and the family. I pray the wrath of god hit these guy like a bullet from a gun. The word of god says suffer a witch not to live. Be Strong ask god to give you the grace, the strength to deal with the situation. Be bless god loves you.


  12. I should say dnt take ride from no one period cause its not even safe to take ride from the police and they da ones dat suppose to protect u so wat den choopzz n e ways miss lady hope all goes well with u am really feelin it for u may da good lord bless n protect u take care


  13. I should say dnt take ride from no one period cause its not even safe to take ride from the police and they da ones dat suppose to protect u so wat den choopzz n e ways miss lady hope all goes well with u am really feelin it for u may da good lord bless n protect u take care


  14. What goes around comes around. You will never forget what happened to you but remember there is a God above and they will get their just deserves.


  15. Really upset about this whole incident.These so called men have mothers,sisters,wives or girlfriends,nieces, cousins and female friends and thinking of doing this to a young woman is totally unacceptable.There are people out there who know who those bastards are and will never say or do anything about it.Get those rotten ills of society off the streets.Hope this young lady gets the best help there is to offer on the island.


  16. Its sad...young girl making a living n look what happens...if she had kill one of them den she'd b wrong! It happens all over the world but lucians in particular disgust me ..its sad to say...im not a proud St.Lucian...Disgraceful


  17. Am sure this will b a case just like the elderly woman (80+ years) raped and beaten 3 years ago and to date they await dna results! NOTHING will be done as long as we have that kind of legal system! Sorry about what happen to you my girl. God is good and these people will pay!! But as long as you wait on dem so called police officers it will be no justice for you


  18. I find the police force in St Lucia is rubbish they go round chatting overseas woman having children all over with different woman but not forcusing on they island in trouble with all theses crimes raping,murder,robbery,knife,gun's


  19. Ok so there was no one in the front passenger seat. I'm beginning to think these fellers planned that.


  20. Sadly by washing herself off for 20 mins, she may have gotten rid of dna which could be used to find these scumbags. I am so sorry to hear this woman had to go through this ordeal. I hope they find these dogs and put dem in bordelais with inmates that will rape them on a daily basis.