Rape of mentally retarded woman lands man in prison

Rape of mentally retarded woman lands man in prison

A man who is accused of raping a mentally retarded adult was last week sentenced to 10 years in prison.

On March 18, 2010, the defendant, Junior Compton, who did odd jobs around the neighbourhood, entered the home of the virtual complainant (VC) in the absence of her parents.

The complainant reportedly asked Compton what he was doing as he is not known to enter her home, especially in the absence of her parents.  However, Compton proceeded to forcibly have sexual intercourse with the young lady and then left the house.

Upon the return of her parents, she related the incident to them and the police were summoned.

Compton was arrested and charged and subsequently held at Bordelais Correctional Facility pending trial.  When arraigned, Compton pleaded not guilty to the offence.  The matter proceeded to trial and testimony was taken from several persons including the complainant before Compton decided to change his plea to guilty.

A presentence report was ordered and received on Compton.  It revealed that Compton was a troubled young man with a troubled youth.  Compton had been well known in his community but had been in and out of trouble his entire life.  According to the report, he had been forced to leave his parents’ home because of an inappropriate relationship with an under-aged girl. Compton had also lived with the brother of the complainant for a time.  He was also known to smoke weed.

The prosecution also made a case for denying Compton the usual discount for an early guilty plea.  Their argument was that the early plea is supposed to spare the victim the trauma of testifying and reliving their experiences.  In Compton’s case, the complainant was forced to relive her ordeal before Compton pleaded guilty, therefore, according to the prosecution she was in no way spared after her ordeal.

Compton is considered a model prisoner at Bordelais, having enrolled in an education programme and has stated his desire to improve his circumstance and enter rehabilitation.  He has also had a previous attempt at suicide.

For Justice Francis Cumberbatch, there are several factors which show Compton in a better light.  These include his academic pursuits as well as his involvement in the sporting programmes while on remand.  They could not however overshadow the effect of his actions on the complainant.

Cumberbatch sentenced Compton to 10 years in prison and ordered to attend counselling for drug and alcohol abuse, attend the wellness centre for a psychiatric evaluation, and to continue his education programme at Bordelais.

Compton will be credited for time served.


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  1. Is that all he will get? If that was my sister he would no longer use his Dick again. He would just see a woman and smile.


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