Rape is one of the fastest growing crimes in Saint Lucia (letter to the editor)

Rape is one of the fastest growing crimes in Saint Lucia (letter to the editor)


Dear Editor: I recently read your article on the rape incident which took place at the Derek Walcott Square and I am utterly disturbed.

Rape is a serious problem in our country that is continuously increasing and is one of the fastest growing crimes in Saint Lucia.

Rape is not a crime that only hurts someone for a moment but shatters their entire life. This means that most victims never fully recover from being a victim of such a devastating act.

Majority of rape victims are under the age of 18 and it is absolutely sickening that men would take advantage of them.

In my opinion, the attitudes we possess and the behavior we exemplify create an atmosphere that tolerates and downplays rape.

One prominent example concerns blaming the victim. We tend to focus on what the victim was wearing, drinking or doing and this shifts the focus away from the victimizer. This implies that individuals should censor themselves to avoid being assaulted, that somehow the victim is responsible.

Several victims cannot cope with the fact that they have been raped and resort to suicide as an escape from the shame and pain that they feel, unfortunately increasing the rates of suicide in the country.

Additionally, most rape cases are not reported because majority of the time it is more damaging to go to court as the victim than it is for the offender.

Many people love travelling to Saint Lucia, however the rape crisis here has profoundly changed the country’s image. Some of the horrendous news stories are now having a disastrous effect on the tourist trade, with potentially decreasing the overall economy of Saint Lucia. This is bad news for us as we are heavily dependent on tourism. Tourists no longer feel safe enough to come here and the few who do take extra precautions.

If we set aside our differences and challenge gender stereotypes, perhaps we can dismantle the attitudes and behaviors that continue to reinforce rape. I suggest that the police officers take immediate and proper action when rape cases are reported. Government should change the legal process of dealing with such crimes and our mentality needs to be changed when it comes to rape.

It is never to late to save our country. If we come together as one nation we can stop this epidemic once and for all. I hope that my comments will be taken into consideration and something will be done about this problem urgently.

A Concerened Citizen


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  1. ...the writer makes it appear that tourists themselves are not people and that their socioeconomic backgrounds dont permit them to a knowledge of what constitutes rape on the whole. A tourist is the last person to worry about. Worry about the victim and victor and a corrective procedure for incidents of rape. Rape is a worldwide crime and the statutory implication can be found in every country's books of Administrative Law. The question that we must answer is Can rape be stopped? I say strict laws of "Chemical Castration" "Life Imprisonment" and even" death". A few demonstrations on guilty persons will limit a person from even starring at a womans butt without asking for permission...even if shes naked in public.
    Rape can be such a difficult thing to prove in court also...Battered woman syndrome...corrobarative evidence and so forth need be necessary to show rape. Victims can be claimant of having been raped out of malice.

    Kiril Pelham Didier. [email protected]


  2. thats okay, black people are doing it so its okay. if was a white person they should be hanged but its black people.




  4. This article already destroying St.lucia by the person who wrote it. There's a demoralisation process that has afffected a whole country based on how thee article has been structured.Meaning,you cannot blame a whole race or country. I myself are not condoning what has happen to these young girls as it doesnt matter what they are wearing no one should rape them.


    • So true...because its false to report its fastest growing crime because An indian guy just used this article to argue with me that my country has serious rapr cases..its sad this article exergerates rape in saint lucia


  5. Sadly, "ape is one of the fastest growing crime in St Lucia" is becoming a truism. Likewise, woolly thinking such as, If a woman is unattractive, appropriately dressed she would not be raped. According to such thinking, the reason perpetrators rape is determined by how attractive their victims look and what clothes their victims wear.

    If that is the truth such thinking can be subjected to a litmus test. We can use the information of spates of rapes published in media. The victims ranged from young to old. Let us look critically at this thinking, ‘women are raped because of their attractiveness and dressing.’ How would the rape of an octogenarian in her own home be explained? Was she too attractive and inappropriately dressed? Or the rape of two teenagers in their beds; were there inappropriately dress and not too unattractive?

    If we look at some of the rape incidents; the perpetrators were armed with weapons such as knives and guns. They invaded the privacy of people’s homes, business, and cars to commit rape using physical violence and weapons.

    Rape has nothing to do with how someone looks or dress. It is a violation. It is a wilful criminal act. To think otherwise is to blame the victims for the violence perpetrated against them. And this is a travesty.


  6. Alot of those cases are as a result of women in St Lucia looking for attention with their clothing and "wanna be's". I don't support rape but parents should speak to their children of the consequences of dressing inappropriately and disrespect. Lack of parental guidance.


    • They are "" ... as you imply. The irony in that is, proper dress codes should be strongly adhered to, as well as having pride in one's self imagery. I have seen too many young girls wearing inappropriate clothing while grown men leer at them. These young girls do not realise that they have the "POWER" to crush these men from their inappropriate physical or verbal advances. If only this could be instilled in them. Carry yourself with pride, dignity and class - that is the safest (hopefully) to prevent the unnecessary advances of pervert But 99% of the time, young girls are "not asking for it".


    • Do men get raped by wearing their pants under their butts or walking around in only their under garment??? You need to stop looking for excuses for these disgusting men out there. How do you explain people being raped in the privacy of their own homes?? Were they inappropriately dressed?? What about the 80 year old woman who was raped, was she dressed inappropriately??No one walks around with a sign asking to be raped and it is absolutely ridiculous that you would see the way women dress as the cause of rape. It DOES NOT matter what the individual was wearing because everyone has the freedom to dress how they please and you need to realize that.


    • Not once have I ever heard of a man getting raped because he wore his pants under his butt or he was walking around shirtless. How do you explain people getting raped in the privacy of their own homes?? Were they dressed inappropriately?? What about the 80 year old woman who was raped?? Was she dressed inappropriately?? You need to stop looking for excuses for these disgusting pigs out there. No one walks around with a sign asking to be raped and it is absolutely ridiculous that you would see a woman's outfit as the cause of her dismay. It DOES NOT matter what the individual was wearing no one deserves to have sex against their will and you need to understand that!


  7. WAT, you are a gross human being if you believe that clothing causes rape! Rapists cause rape!
    What you're saying is that the men of St. Lucia decide who to rape by the amount of clothing they are wearing ? The men can't control themselves? We raise our men to be these monsters and then we blame it on the clothing our women wear.
    Rape is a violent crime and no one ask for it, encourages it or dresses to get raped.
    Next time some one violently assaults you in a sexual way maybe you will be told you should have dressed nicer for such a fine occasion.
    This country needs to wake up. Teach our boys to be better and tell them that a fate worse than they can imagine will be coming to them if they rape our women. And then......follow through!


    • You are absolutely right. I was referring to self protection and preservation. The more provocative one dresses the greater the chances of falling prey to a rapist.


  8. Wooow... Very well said. I hope that the relevant people in authority take note and do something ASAP!! We cannot let our beautiful island go down the drain. It is sooooooo disturbing. People cannot be living in fear. God Help Us.


  9. I do not condone rape. I believe it can be reduced, if females make themselves less attractive in public. Some clothing material are very transparent and thin and can reveal more than is desired. Some materials become transparent when exposed to light. It might be a good practice to take a second look, or get a second opinion before heading out. This is not supposed to be that way, but given the current situation, one must take all necessary precautions. There should be no less than the maximum punishment for perpetrators. I suggest hard labor involving street and gutter cleaning with rapist labelled suits.


    • Are you kidding me?! Females should make themselves less attractive in public?? Please have several seats in the back with that foolishness! Stop giving these rapists excuses...women and everyone else should be able to dress however they like without the the fear of being violated. The sub-humans that commit these crimes have no respect for anyone including themselves.They should be castrated-end of story.


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