Ram Jam to be annual opening event for Saint Lucia’s carnival season

Ram Jam to be annual opening event for Saint Lucia’s carnival season

944ad81c-503b-4022-8a43-59aa3aeff257PRESS RELEASE – “Ram Jam 2016” was conceptualised after realising the event Line Jam, produced and managed by Mas Action Carnival Band, declined from participating in this year’s carnival, Ram Jam is here to reignite carnival lovers and spectators with the Carnival Thirst Syndrome and will serve as our pre cursor to the Saint Lucia carnival season.

Ram Jam will be an annual opening event for Saint Lucia’s carnival season approved by Carnival Planning & Management Association (CPMA) – an event that adds to Saint Lucia’s Carnival Culture, eventually becoming an anticipated event on Saint. Lucia’s calendar of events.

This event scheduled for the 4th of June 2016 which will take place from round-about to round-about and climaxes at choc beach at the sunny acres park highlighting our powdered paint and live entertainment with the likes of  Dj Thuram, Dj Extatic, Dj Babs Roots and Dj Hyper D just to name a few, kicks off at the William Peter Boulevard this and every Saturday from the 23rd of April to 28th May 2016 – 9am to 3pm where drinks and reveller packages will be sold, drinks will be on special, Ram Jam 2016 promises to be Phenomenal, also an avenue to highlight budding power and groove soca artist both season professionals and amateurs, there are group rates available for all carnival bands and there revellers.  

The Payne Entertainment team is extremely excited to approach this fresh idea, in the hope that you share this experience with us and establish a remarkable foundation, we also would like to take this time to thank our private and cooperate partner’s for their support.


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