Raise Your Voice Saint Lucia wants immediate resignation of Health Minister

Raise Your Voice Saint Lucia wants immediate resignation of Health Minister
Health Minister Mary Isaac.
Raise Your Voice Saint Lucia said Mary Isaac should resign

(SNO) — Raise Your Voice Saint Lucia Inc. is of the belief that public health employees should demand the immediate resignation of the entire hierarchy of the Ministry of Health, specifically Mary Issac, the health minister.

The organization is also accusing Prime Minister Allen Chastanent of trying to dismantle the public health, education, security and social services systems on the island.

It also wants to see the back of the President of the Nurses Association, Alicia Baptiste.

Raise Your Voice Saint Lucia Inc. is basing its call on what it said was information received about the the non-renewal of contracts for registered nurses.

“Information obtained indicates the Ministry of Health and by extension the Government of Saint Lucia will no longer renew the contracts or employ Registered Nurses (RN) as their salaries are too high,” it said. “The Ministry of Health and the Government of Saint Lucia has opted instead, to hire Registered Nursing Assistants (RNA’s) i.e. nurses who have taken the course of study but failed to gain the requisite marks to be Registered Nurses (RN).”

It said this shows that Chastanent has been trying to dismantle certain systems in Saint Lucia.

“These actions over the last two years by the Allen Chastanet Administration towards employees within the public health system exemplifies and perpetuates state sanctioned marginalization and emotional abuse,” the organization said. “Prime Minister, Allen Chastanet has consistently tried to dismantle the Public Health, Education, Security and Social Services Systems in favor of questionable economic investment opportunities while our people die daily at Victoria and St. Jude Hospitals.”

Based on this, the organization said the resignation of Isaac and Baptiste should be called for.

“We strongly believe that Saint Lucian’s and public health employees should demand the immediate resignation of the entire hierarchy of the Ministry of Health, specifically Mary Issac and the President of the Nurses Association Alicia Baptiste for failing to uphold the oath of office and abusing the privilege invested in them as leaders,” it said.


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  1. Al talk no action.. Saint Lucians the problems are being identified stop protesting behind computers and cell phones GET UP AND LETS DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT PLEASE IM BEGGING!!


  2. The ignorance and immaturity of these idiots is boundaryless. They want change. That's ok. But does that change have to come with throwing out the entire hierarchy? By just replacing the former with a new one, everything is going to turn out ok in the end? If you think that is all it takes, then you are one hell of a jackass.


  3. I realise there has been an increase attack againts Mary Isaac and I realise it has more to do with these CSA workers who had problems with Mary way back when she was CSA leader. Alvina Reynolds was far worst than Mary Isaac yet I wasnt hearing for all these calls for her resignation. Mwe mem. I blame the media for giving yall all that attention. When is not St.Judes, its DSH, when is not DSH, its open hospital mwe mem.


    • You are a hypocrite! There were calls by Mary Issac for Alvina to resign. There were calls, almost every day, on talk shoes for Alvina to resign. There were calls for her to resign by The Hurricane! Y'all said that Alvina was the worst minister of health bit today Mary has taken over that mantle! At least people were hearing from Alvina but this lady is a moomoo! My goodness, is she dumb! So yeah, Mary needs to resign for she is the very worse that we've ever had!


  4. I want to see this information they are talking about, they should release the documents to the public so we can come to our own conclusions. Also do they really think that dismantling the entire hierarchy would be beneficial? Wouldn't things just get worse with no ministry of health? Its not like one can just poof up another ministry within a few hours of dumping the other one.


  5. dont worry mary that look like politricks from the fella u almost unseat . but who magically got votes to make sure he stay in. they hungry thats the problem. what did the previous health minister do? ask the writer of the press release or whatever statement that question. that slp gang was a waste of money. one swear that the woman was illiterate becuase they never saw her lift a finger in the ministry. so vamoose dem voliares!


  6. raise your voice, think you'll should just shut you'll mouth, put you'll tails between you'll legs and move, because you'll have no power, who the hell you'll think you'll are to ask health minister to resign


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