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Raise Your Voice Saint Lucia opposes termination of security officers at BTC

By SNO Staff

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(SNO) — Raise Your Voice Saint Lucia is expressing concerns that wardens/security officers at the Boys Training Center (BTC) will be terminated in favour of a private security firm.

The organization said it has been reliably informed that the Ministry of Equity, Social Justice and Empowerment, along with the management of the BTC, are in the process of terminating the wardens.

It said it is directly opposed to such a move.

“Raise Your Voice Saint Lucia Inc opposes this direction by the Government of Saint Lucia as it endangers the well-being of state wards,” it said in a statement. “Private security firms will not invest in due diligence, background checks and training to ensure the safety and security of state wards that are already vulnerable, marginalized and at risk.”

According to Raise Your Voice Saint Lucia, security personnel employed by the BTC are screened to ensure they are suitable individuals with the appropriate aptitude to work with juvenile offenders and male children who are sent to the facility for care and protection.

“Further they are trained by international agencies such as USAID, UNICEF, etc in child care and protection protocols,” the organization stated.

It is now calling on the government to take another look at the matter.

“We therefore call on the Minister of Equity, Social Justice & Empowerment to put the welfare of both the juvenile offenders and those who are at the facility for care and protection first and foremost and terminate this dangerous decision to bring in private security at the Boys Training Center,” it said.

Raise Your Voice Saint Lucia is also calling for an audit of the BTC.

“We also call on the Government of Saint Lucia to carry out a through staff audit and investigation into allegations of abuses and why wards often run away from the Boys Training Center,” the organization said.

The BTC is located in Gros Islet and it provides general residential as well as specialized treatment services for male juveniles who are  wards of the state.

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  1. They should shut down BTC

  2. They should shut down BTC or hire new managers

  3. Although really bad things are happening, I will find the appropriate place to deal with it...nothing really happens here expect that people get to know

  4. BTC needs structure, policy, real leadership, training, managers who understands rehabilitation, professionals who are not afraid to advice them contrary to popular belief and so much more. That place is a mess

  5. I really hope that this is not true because it would be unwise to fire trained people and bring in God know who? Hope!this idea didn't come from management. That would not surprise me though! They seem to be victimizing anyone who does not agree with them...It is my conviction that the powers that be should find real leaders for that Centre before something really bad happens...

  6. Yes Kieran papa Salop you loose your job. U will learn to stop billing and destroying people life with your lies and gossip. My God not sleeping you old dog.

    • Chooks, I wonder who or what you are referring to because there isn't and wasn't any Kieran at BTC. Anyway, that place needs quick intervention especially since the leaders cannot handle even simply things. They were given a chance and are blowing it. Some people though in new territory function well, however these cannot. Anyway, a person is most likely to function well if they are trained and/or experienced but that pair is totally clueless.


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