Raise Your Voice Inc pays tribute to all women of Saint Lucia

Raise Your Voice Inc pays tribute to all women of Saint Lucia


PRESS RELEASE – As we observe International Women’s Day, we reflect on our progress since 1995, when the United Nations introduced the Status of Women with the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action, which is the world’s blueprint for achieving gender equality and empowering women.

This year’s theme “Planet 50-50 by 2030: Step It Up for Gender Equality”, we celebrate the social, cultural and most importantly the economic achievement of women in Saint Lucia.

According to the International Labour Organisation (ILO), Saint Lucian women out numbered men in top leadership positions. In a report entitled “Women in Business and Management: Gaining Momentum”, published in 2015, data collected from over 100 countries found that in 2004 St Lucia rated third in the world where women are more likely to be the boss with 52.3 % women serving as managers.

While there is evidence of progress in our leadership roles, there are inequalities within our legal and legislative systems.

Raise Your Voice Saint Lucia Inc continues to advocate for change; we call on policy makers to make adjustments and amendments to legislation and laws which create inequality in Saint Lucia.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon declared “we have shattered so many glass ceilings we created a carpet of shards. Now we are sweeping away the assumptions and bias of the past so women can advance across new frontiers.”

We call on the Government of Saint Lucia to devote solid funding, and unbending political will to achieving gender equality in Saint Lucia. There is no greater investment in our common future than investing in our woman and girls.


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