Radio St. Lucia to celebrate life of the late Brian McDonald

Radio St. Lucia to celebrate life of the late Brian McDonald
Brian McDonald

Brian McDonaldPRESS RELEASE – On Monday, January 25, 2016 the staff of Radio St. Lucia along with family and friends of the late Brian ‘Ras Ipic’ Mc Donald will celebrate his life and service in a remembrance ceremony scheduled for 5:30 PM at the National Cultural Center.

The late Brian Mc Donald, affectionately known as “Ras Ipic” was a leading Sports Journalist and Commentator who in addition to his media work, served as Coach and Administrator for various Sports Clubs and Associations during his tenure.

Brian passed away on Sunday, January 17 at the age of 43.


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  1. Everybody is a critic, Men on the whole dont take care of their health. I am no professional in heart disease, but in my line of work i jave seen all the signs of heart disease and people who jave suffered heart attack
    Our diets should consists of fresh fruits amd vegetables. Plus salt and sugar should mot even come close to you. Signs of heart disease shortness of breath when i listern to his last broadcast that heavy breathing was there, that was a sure sign Heart disease is a very serious illness we all can learn and try our best to live a healthy lifestyle with diet and exercise
    May he rest in peace


  2. How many sport persons have passed away at a young age in this country? That clearly tells you about the quality of our food is not good. If you are planning to lose weight running around everyday wont help you lose that weight on a consistant basis. The type of foods you eat plays a major role. So,that tells you about Brian and Micheal Cazuabon death are similar with the same age group.They were active sportsmen but,were consuming the wrong foods and drinking alcohol


  3. Instead of sensitising people on heart diseases and blood clots we are hosting parties to drink beers get big belly killing young people faster.When people are dying so young,it warrants an investigation with these foreign foods. Vegetables are also faulty.


  4. When he is not alive. Why now? Dead hero society. So,his body will turning in his grave during the celebration? Brian had a lot of fat in his blood. Never took heed.


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