Queen’s Birthday Honours awards notable patriots for outstanding and dedicated service

Queen’s Birthday Honours awards notable patriots for outstanding and dedicated service

britsh-honors-knighthood-medal0GIS – Saint Lucia’s patriots have been recognized at the 2015 Investiture Ceremony, Queen’s Birthday Honours.

The ceremony marks the reigning monarch’s official birthday by granting individuals in Commonwealth countries appointment into national or dynastic orders, or the award of decorations and medals.

This year’s recipients include Cyril Felix who received the British Empire Medal for contribution to community and the art of calypso; and Theophilus Ferguson John and Father Thomas Raymond Laurent both of whom received the Officer of the Civil Division of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire for dedicated service to community and country; and for outstanding and dedicated service to church, community and country, respectively.

Prime Minister Dr. Kenny D. Anthony commended the award recipients on their hard work and patriotism.

“There are some who offer service because of love, and of course an inexplicable passion. Through service, the beauty of who they are and what they are, the quality of their humanity emerges. This honour is a recognition of your tremendous work and dedication to the cause of this country; and is an opportunity to say thank you.”

For the full list of national awardees, download the attached PDF.



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  1. I am a strong labour supporter but I dont support the way these awards are given. I agree for step work to be political because party people must come first. But for national awarda I will never agree for my friend to get award just because she is labour. I rather stop voting if that is how it is.


  2. Imagine Ra's Get Through is now a member of the British Empire. All principles gone now instead of chanting down Elisabeth Rastafarian wearing their medal. SMH


  3. We in the caribbean should not celebrate the queens birthday. There are too many human genocides which was directed by the queen of England in years gone bye. British soldiers has created havoc all across the world with indigenous natives who were murdered for their land etc,etc. Some white people believes that,the queen is god and not the god we can't see.


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