Quartet to stand trial in Vieux Fort man’s chopping death

Quartet to stand trial in Vieux Fort man’s chopping death
DEAD:Oswald “Shadda” Downes.
DEAD:Oswald “Shadda” Downes.

Four men who were jointly charged with murdering a Vieux-Fort man on Christmas Day, made their second court appearance at the Second District Court on Tuesday.

The four men: Richey Auguste, 28; Danny Preville, 25; Lucaius Gilbert, 24; and Kaja Vigier, 20; all of Belle Vue, Vieux Fort are expected to stand trial in March.

The men’s Attorney Marcus Foster told the media that prosecution suggested March 18 for the matter to be brought before a judge in a High Court, which was agreed to by all parties.

The dead man’s mother, Lorna Sealys, said she wants justice for her son. “I don’t want people to go free and then afterwards they do that to somebody else. I only want justice for my son.”

The quartet are accused of brutally chopping to death Oswald Downes alias “Shadda” of Pierrot, Vieux Fort, during a j’ouvert celebration on Christmas Day in Belle Vue, Vieux-Fort.

The 38-year-old father of three was “chopped repeatedly like an animal,” according to eyewitnesses. Some described it as watching a movie or a slaughter house scene.

Sources in the community had told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) that an ongoing feud between persons from Belle Vue and Pierrot may have led to Downes’ demise.


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