PWA to defray burial cost of late police officer

PWA to defray burial cost of late police officer
Office Camron Laure and his late wife
Officer Camron Laure (left) and his late wife, former press officer Tamara Charles-Laure

(SNO) — The Police Welfare Association (PWA) has taken on the responsibility of burying late police officer Tamara Charles-Laure who passed away last week.

She was left paralyzed following a motor vehicle accident in 2010.

PWA President Travis Chicot said the association’s Distress Fund will be used for the internment of Charles-Laure.

“We expect to show our presence…” he said, adding that the matter has to do with losing a member of the police force and also losing the wife of a member of the force.

“We intend to do, we intend to take advice, we intend to take whatever the members see fit that we should to reach out to the brother,” he said. “We intend to show love, we intend to show support as we go on through the days and the weeks in terms of the burial of Sister Laure.”

Meanwhile, Chicot described Charles-Laure’s passing as “heartbreaking”.

“In spite of the many things that divides us, there are quite a few things that bring us together,” he stated. “And it’s sad to say death is one of them but it is something that we come and support the brother in terms of visiting, in terms of sharing words of encouragement with him. So, it is a sad day for us as a police force to lose any member…”

He stated that he hopes the deceased police officer’s husband will find some peace of mind.

“We will provide the necessary support for him as he goes on even before and after the burial of his wife,” Chicot remarked.


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  1. I'm extending my condolences to the Laure family on the passing of their loved one.However it begs the question; Why is the pwa responsible for the Officer's burial.As far as I know,the government is responsible for the burial of a serving member of the Police Force and not the welfare I need someone to come clean on that issue and tell us what's going on.


    • god blesses his children with a heart of sympathy and empathy and love and kindness and happiness


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