PWA head says police “hit list” never existed; officers part of ORC being marginalised

PWA head says police “hit list” never existed; officers part of ORC being marginalised
PWA President Camron Laure holding up the list which was provided to the COP based on a request. They PWA said it was not a hit list.
PWA President Camron Laure holding up the list which was provided to the COP based on a request. They PWA said it was not a hit list.
PWA President Camron Laure holding up the list which was provided to the COP based on a request. The PWA said it was not a hit list.

The Saint Lucia Police Welfare Association (PWA) has said it is seeking legal advice on the constitutionality of the IMPACS investigation.

The PWA noted that it may have contravened section 19 of the Police Complaints Act which empowers that body to investigate complaints against police officers.

Quoting the act, President of the PWA Camron Laure argued that Police Commissioner Vernon Francois had not administered the oath of office to the Jamaican investigators and is questioning who did.

Laure said based on investigations carried out by the PWA, there was no so-called “police hit list of criminals”.

“If such a list existed, the Police Welfare Association would have been the first to condemn it,” Laure stated.

According to him, Francois had instructed that criminal profiles be prepared for some notorious criminals who were being held at the Anse La Raye Police station and who were unknown to officers at the station.

Laure said that several copies of the document were made available to gazetted officers.

He said since parts of the report were made public, officers who were part of the Special Task Force and implicated in the report, have been marginalised and victimised.

The Police Welfare head said these officers have been overlooked for promotions and appointments for which they are qualified, and certain officers were being asked to retire.

Between 2010 and 2011, 12 persons were killed during encounters with officers of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force. The alleged extra-judicial killings occurred during “Operation Restore Confidence” – an initiative then Prime Minister Stephenson King announced on May 30, 2010 in an address to the nation.

The police operation was in response to an unprecedented wave of homicides and violent crimes between 2008 and 2010, particularly in the northern half of the island.

However the shootings resulted in a backlash for St. Lucia. The United States (US), citing human rights concerns, took action against the St. Lucia police force and the government.


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  1. Thank you "Wam there" for clearing that piece for some of us. Though some
    may not be that pleased. I hope I'm correct in assuming that it takes a qualified
    and well honed legal mind to simplify this argument. I have always been fearful
    of this and other Caribbean Countries getting rid of the Privy Council. It goes to show
    how a little power by some can easily manipulate a tried and proven system just to
    suit their personal and narrow mindset to prolong their political power. What happened in St. Kitts-Nevis recently should be accepted as History lesson at Colleges.
    I liked the piece.....'like sheep on an African Savannah....hopeless." CUTE.


  2. It is true that Jamaica has problems of their own, however they have instituted proceedings to investigate such complaints, and legally too. Why do you think that you found out about it. The US does not say that a country cannot have Extra Judicial killings, what they do say is that there must be legal methods within the system to investigate such complaints.

    Now i will say it for the last time. First of all it matters not whether someone commits a crime or not, the issue is whether one has evidence to show that the person did in fact commit the crime. The route to justice also must appear to be fair, for you can have all the evidence and your system is not fair then the perception created will always be negative. This is instructive to those who think that someone can make an allegation as an opposition leader then come as PM to investigate and further recommend sanctions. Its being a witness, then judge and finally executioner the same case, which goes against all the principle of natural justice. The Privy Council would find no difficulty in throwing this one out. The PM is a witness since he was the one who went on public platform declaring that what he saw was in fact a "hit-list."

    The DDP therefore cannot proceed with a case which is so riddled with holes, and it is made to make people believe that she is the problem, but she is right not to proceed to bring embarrassment to herself and her office. Take for example what happened with the case of the Taiwaneese Funds where she saw no merit in the case. Do you remember what happened? Both of these cases were fundamentally brought to embarrass a previous administration. Though they were both without proper evidence, the PM knowing full well implications, relied on public sentiment to further an action. However he only saw one light at the end of the tunnel, which was one where he figured that most St. Lucians have difficulty in understanding trivial issues far less those of law and they would have no problem in condemning the police. He did not anticipate the backlash of such action. One now has to further question the motive for making further allegations of "Operation Remove Kenny." Do you dear reader find that surprising? It would if you are playing naive.

    The Commissioner is appointed by the GG who has the right of discipline. This is enshrined in the Constitution since the police must function without the influence of the political directorate. It is therefore under the jurisdiction of the Commissioner to discipline officers. The Police Complaints Act was enacted by government to support the discipline of police, however it did not supersede the authority of the Commissioner. In fact he was a permanent member of the Commission and it had no power to discipline him. If any there is any complaints against the Commissioner, whether by public or government then they would have to refer it to the GG. Has the Government complied with this? If not, why?

    Hate to upset your sentiments but Cameron Laure is right. So when all you misinformed persons and party hacks try to sway public sentiments, it may work for the time, but after that comes the Privy Council. Thanks god for the Privy Council. See why the government is so desperately trying to get rid of it? I bet you did not envisage such a move? You people are like sheep on an African Savannah. Hopeless


  3. The impacs report was never intended to be nothing else than documents of information ( which can be true or false). KDA knew very well as a Dr in constitutional law that the only entity that can investigate criminality with a view to prosecution is the police, and to become a police officer in st lucia the commissioner is the only one with the legal authority to administer the oath, so Laure aint pissining in anyones eye KDA has been spraying ours eyes with urine from day one.
    Now they realize that the impacs papers aint going anywhere they using another tactic to further destabilize the security of the country by saying there's a plot by cops to overthrow the Govt. People why didn't KDA call on the Jamaicans to investigate this one, now they waiting on the acting commissioner..........choops. The very police who were accused of murder corruption you trusting them to investigate such an allegation, Stephenson King would handle that better.


  4. Mr camron you said that the hit list never existted , do you know that a hit list can comprised of photos and names of individuals .Now in the 8th paragraph you admit that officers were part of the special task force , what special task force?You are trying to justify the wrong that was done brother.A cause is the effect ,An effect is the cause .you sow the seeds you reap the fruits .Whether cause or effect it all depends on you telling st.lucian the truth.


  5. Ok true America got a extra-judicial killing report, how did st.lucia MP`s manage this situation?

    1. Did St.lucia had a parliament decision or augment of how this matter going to be handle? By looking at this satiation Kenny was the only one to make this decision which is wrong because Kenny doesn’t own st.lucia. He might be the leader at the time but not the owner.

    2. Why Jamaican was the one to investigate?. Some times as a nation we got to have pride in what we do. I UNDERSTAND the police feelings and forestation of trying to do a good job and another country investigating them …Me personally I will feel sick… the top (the PM`s or parliament) has let them down.

    3. Some time you got to play the mind game..How I see it, parliament should have come up with a decision not only Kenny. Then play the mind game by sending the Russian police to investigate the extra-judicial killing,,, a country America doesn’t like. Because America sometime is a bully, well let’s get their mach.

    4 By sending Jamaican to investigate st.lucian police, it has make St.lucia powerless. Thank PM`S..All the hard work my mum has put in this land gone wasted.

    5. Kenny when is this your roll……looool ….

    I love England


  6. Well you know what I know, what you know .....and so on and so on...we will know soon enough


  7. Why don't his guy keep his mouth shut. U will not make a difference in all the bs u looking for. All u are doing is putting more pressure on the fragile police force.


  8. We need further investigations . The police , the former administration , and not least the those Jamaicans who carried out the investigations . Leave Kenny out since he is just the messenger.


  9. The more this fake opens his mouth the more damage he is doing....I think you will go down on the record books as the worse president of the PWA. Because with all whats taking place, you cannot effect change. you are no leader and why have a press conference only now??? so long that thing is credibility.


  10. kenny was not the one who initiated ORP operation restore confidence it was under the UWP so why aren't they question too why all the blame on the police


    • Because the cacalaxies wanted power so much that they go and snitch on their own countrymen to they mohveh chiens @ the embassy in Barbados. The mohveh chiens to the north of us not on dat! They revoke a sitting minister's visa based on what they thought was the willing testimony of the good citizens of st. lucia, not knowing that it was as a result of the products of the superlabah think tank and the good folk @ SLAP (a pit toilet found somewhere on should check it out if you need a reason not to vote for the red millibugs). So the americans eh on that! They base that no lickle choo cohshees who read the art of war, going to take them for papisho and will not give it a rest until Allen Chastanet is made Prime minister! Whereby the layheeeeee law will be redacted and the police can go on collecting pictures of fake badman and murder them in broad daylight!


  11. Why can't some one tell me the the name Kenny Anthony was also on the hit list. Then I would say for sure there was a hit list.


  12. cameron laure, u know better than dat and u should not be going around pissing in pple eye and call it rain. u know that list existed. that crap about pple from anse la raye being profiled is crap. on that list were pple from marchand, tro rouge, backa fie, grave yard, la clery and the other ghettos. what the hell u r talking about. u r simply misleading the public. if such a list did not exist, is it coincidental that some of the guys were targeted and systematically decimated? every day u would hear and i quote" a .38 pistol was found on his person" mind u, the quote says" on his person". if the firearm was found on his person, where was the threat? i applauded the initiative but the police went about it the wrong way. so mr. laure, stop bs ing pple and come out with the truth. does the government swear in consultants from foreign? what makes it different for the investigators?


  13. Such hypocrisy by the US and what a joke using Jamaican cops to investigate extra judicial killings when they take the trophy for that "sport", what about the May 2010 Tivoli Massacre, so many murdered, with the help of the US and nobody eh get sanctioned. chhhyyyuuuuupppsssssssssss.


    • Yup where jamica is murder central with copuration bargain central ... like how ironic worse yet they are a bunch of cowards hiding behind what`s happening in their own backyards acting as if they`re the police of the world when men woman and children are brutalized by cops claiming to be officers of peace.... such hyprocracy


  14. We havnt really learnt about the true senses of policing around the globe. Under this british queen head of state which we have. Our police officers has to perform a certain way to impress the queen and that,comes with power of brutality. Just the same way as those white people who came in the past to brutalised us. Black police officers across the globe are doing the samething by picking on you and treating you with discriminational practices.


    • rastafari well said tell them again, all those that playin they know laws and know noting the queen of england controlin ull ass


  15. Kenny needs to stop ripping the rslpf to shreds. Elections near and police vote decide who have 5yrs under their belt.


  16. The U. S. A continues to have reports of police brutality and police slayings/murders daily particularly targeted at vulnerable groups the majority of which are innocent having never committed any crime. This number and percentage per capita far exceeds the 12 criminals... 0. 007 % of saint lucia population that were killed in police investigations.... let it go people....


  17. I thought the prime mister when he was in opposition said that he saw the list up until now he have not came out with any such list or even prof to back his talk


  18. Kenny why not let us know where you got the notion that the police worked according to a hit list. You said you saw the list did you see anywhere on that list The words 'HIT LIST? somebody is telling lies which of you? is it KENNY or is it TONY? Do not wait when the election bell is rung to use the IMPACTS report as a political tool for your own benefit we St Lucians are too smart we know your trick


  19. why now alone youll coming out on dat. who gave the orders, what does kenny know about the hit list or was he planning his own political coup.

    people need to speak up now.. kenny we need to know what you know.


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