“Put people first”, Richard Frederick to opposition leader


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Richard Frederick

When Dr. Gale Rigobert made her debut address at Parliament as the opposition leader on Tuesday she did not only come under scrutiny by parliamentarians on the other side.

Interestingly, one of her party colleagues saw it necessary to publicly offer her advice during the parliamentary proceedings.

Speaking at Tuesday morning’s sitting, Castries Central representative and United Workers Party member, Richard Frederick urged the Micoud North representative  to put the people first as she continues her stint as opposition leader.

Referring to her as a junior politician who is “extremely new” to such matters, Frederick told Rigobert that  the “longevity of her stint as the leader of the opposition would be directly contingent upon her ability to withhold the recalcitrance and to totally submit.”  These traits, he said, have already been manifested by her and that “any slight deviation” from that will definitely shorten her stay.

“…I wish to remind you that St. Lucians should come first and not these abratious infiltrates by whom you may be surrounded and whose sole burning desire is to lay hand on state assets,” he stated.

Dr. Rigobert

“May you receive divine guidance in the interest of your beloved country and always remember, you shall submit to no man but God,” he added.

Meanwhile, Dr. Rigobert during her opening address to the House of Assembly, thanked all who were instrumental in first getting her elected as parliamentary representative and subsequently as leader of the opposition.

“One does not come to hold a position such as this because of one’s own intrinsic strength or wisdom.  It is in fact the combination of multiple inputs from family, friends, teachers and even opponents,” she said.

“This journey has been punctuated with highs and lows and have resulted with the personification of this girl from the Eastern Village of Micoud.  The people of Micoud North have afforded me the distinguished opportunity to represent them in this Honorable house to serve them, their children and their grandchildren. I am honoured to be of service to the people and to ensure that their life chances are significantly enhanced,” she said.

She extended special thanks to her immediate predecessor Stephenson King, member for Castries north.

“I wish to thank you for the foundation you have laid. My task though not easy by any  definition is somehow less daunting because of what you have done for the United Workers Party and for the people of Saint Lucia.  My heartfelt thanks to you,” she said.

Dr. Rigobert was elected opposition leader effective February 1, 2014, after her party colleagues voted out Stephenson King last month.

King has since indicated that despite this, he is a proud member of the UWP and will continue to provide all the representation he possibly can to his constituents.

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  1. @DD, Gail has the characteristics of a butch.

  2. I totally agree that Frederick was never a uwp member.He saw an opportunity and took it when Sarah flood resigned her seat.He tried to gain a position on the UWP executive and was unsuccessful.The UWP supporters against their better judgement,tolerated Frederick,but they would never elect Frederick to any position on their national executive.The sooner Frederick is thrown out of the party the better the party will be .
    Telling Dr.gail that her tenure as opposition leader in the house will be dependent on her being submisive is insultive,considering that Gail's IQ is much higher that frederick's own.What was he trying to achieve by telling her to put the people first?Is he aware that she has been putting people second?
    Maybe Kenny knew something the rest of us did not know when he said that Frederick was the most frightening thing to enter politics in ST.lucia.TIME WILL TELL.
    By the way,if Frederick had sincere words of wisdom/advice to offer Dr gail he could have used another forum to do so.Instead,under the guise of advice(very deceitful)he used the opportunity to say disparaging things about a party he pretends to be a part of,when in reality he hates the the executive and everyone who he believes supports Chastenet.
    Why should anyone with such snake-like qualities be allowed to part of the UWP party?If he refuses to leave then he should be expelled.

    • Now you see it this way and want people to believe this Crap you spurt. But when he was elected, ALL UWP were ecstatic even euphoric and touted him as being the "Dragon Slayer" (my words) . . . He was coined as the Pit Bull!

      So, don't come with this nonsense that he was never a UWP member. Do you remember Sarah Flood? When she expressed herself person views, she was expelled from the SLP and you guys were adamant that she should not have been expelled. Now, today, Richard is expressing his views and now he has been expelled from the party. How hypocritical can you be!

      I am of the view that if one belongs to an organization and cannot side with this organization then the best thing for everyone is for him/her to resign. Let us not be hypocrites!

  3. Didn't anyone realized or noticed that Gayle was abit loud in the House yesterday?

  4. Congratulations to Dr. Rigobert. But why did Richard need to bring up the this issue, ".....whose sole burning desire is to lay hand on state assets."

    Whether flambeau or laybar (lol) meme bete meme pwell!!

  5. only time will tell,should be more interesting then pass uwp leader

  6. The MP for Castries Southeast, Guy Joseph should also be removed from the UWP if it is serious about the term mentioned called purging.

    If the UWP is truly serious about purging anything, Guy Joseph msut go!

  7. Go Richie Rich de man come out to mash up de yellow party!!

  8. Richard you destroyed UWP, that's y you all are in opposition today. I listen to you today trying to destroy the reputation of your former collegues,smart as you appeared to be you only futher destroying steve,he was at the helm at the time and you are just enforcing his lack of leader ship skills starting from not being able to control you? Good Bye Sir give politics to those who are not bullies,no wander Kenny made a statement you are the worst thing that happen to St.Lucian politics. Poor Jab King oopen your eyes man

  9. Rigobert is a ticking time bomb waiting to explode. Her ignorance will be what will cause that bomb going off.

  10. Richard Frederick is a disgusting and jealous individual.
    He will never get further than he already is in St. Lucian politics.
    He was only trying to embarrass Dr. Rigobert. But he failed.

  11. thank you St. Jude for helping me with my problem!!!!

  12. Hush up Frederick, you destroyed the UWP.

  13. Congratulations to our new leader of the opposition. Your abilities will unfold in time.

  14. All these old UWP boys need to get out. It's time for a new generation. Richard Frederick and all of those who missed the train of significance should be ousted. It's time for fresh eyes and a more attuned UWP instead of all these thieves.

    • Richard was never uwp, you don't see when had his by-election sir john called it bartim
      por-pot and flew to new York for relaxation?

      all he wanted was coming into uwp from labour who kicked him out of their fold to be prime minister. you finish Richard, you finish. say good-bye to politics. you know u can never win central againnnnnnnnnnnn.


        • Remember if one suffers, we all suffer....One St. Lucia Tramp, so UWP supports are not going to be the only ones to suffer..Watch your bread!!!!


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