Public transportation fares under review

Public transportation fares under review

In keeping with PART 6, Section 54 of the Motor Vehicle and Road Traffic ACT, Chapter 8.01 of the Revised Laws of Saint Lucia 2001, the Cabinet of Ministers has appointed a Committee to review Public Omnibus Fares.

The Public Omnibus Fares Review committee held its first meeting on September 25th , 2012 and is in the process of writing to the National Council on Public Transportation and other relevant Route Association to submit a formal proposal for the consideration of the Committee as required by the legislation.

The Committee is expected to make a submission to Cabinet ahead of the 2013/2014 Budget.

The legislation requires that the Public Omnibus Fares Review Committee make public the Proposal from the Omnibus Operators by publication in the Gazette. The general public will then be invited to make submissions in writing, to be followed by public hearing(s) to receive the views and comments of the general public.

Further details of the format for submission as well as public hearing(s) will be communicated in future Press Releases.

Public comments are critical for the success of this exercise.


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