Public Service Commission approves promotion of 19 fire officers

Public Service Commission approves promotion of 19 fire officers


The St. Lucia Fire Service (SLFS) has announced the promotion of several fire officers by the Public Service Commission (PSC) which took effect from September 1, 2015.

In his statement to mark the 41st anniversary of the SLFS, acting Chief Fire Officer Lambert Charles said that over the past year, the department was rocked by industrial unrest and staff agitation.

However, within the last few months there has been substantial dialogue between the members representatives and the management of the SLFS aimed at addressing outstanding issues.

One of the contentious areas was promotions. He said based on these discussions, recommendations were made to have one batch of promotions made by the PSC.

The St. Lucia Fire Service Association (SLFSA) has long called for the promotion of officers who have served the department for a number of years and are currently acting in senior positions.

The newly promoted persons are:

From Sub. Officer to Station Officer       

Vincent Williams

From Leading Fireman to Sub. Officer

Marcus Paul

John Jonas

Marius Charles

Allyn Roserie

Elgar James

Sydney Charlery

Eve Albert

From Fireman to Leading Fireman

Herbert James

Junius St. Hill

Shyan Chiquot

Linsley Aleander

Zaquin Mathurin

Owen Cazaubon

Marcian Cauldron

Kenvin McPhee

Nimrod Prospere

Noelus Sylvain

Anwar Deterville


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  1. the ignorance of most of you clowns on here is amazing. Standing up for yourself or others who are too weak to do so doesn't mean you want promotions. the notion that once you challenge or stand up to authority in st.lucia that you are trouble maker is ludicrous. I thought st.lucia was a democratic country so that is your right as a citizen to challenge f**kery. you idiots will never learn, politicians will always get the better of you all. soucere


  2. A A. So is Public Service Commission approving the promotion of fire men. Why every time Shane appeared in the media he made it seem as though Fontenelle was not promoting them and always held this an issue against the man. Misay sar inyowan.


    • Please note that it's the first time the public service commission has appointed any promotions within the fire service


  3. All the mouth Shane have will not take him anywhere. The pit he dug is still there waiting for him. I waiting to hear what he going to say on TV.


    • Putting all "office politics" aside, be the Union Rep. at the St. Lucia Fire Service, try fighting the "good fight" and you will see your state when it comes to promotions...
      Tanto tanto...


  4. Salay. Shane who was the most swef for promotion not there. Now he will realize that once you try to bring a man down you stay down too.


  5. I'm happy for Eve, the upward mobility for her should of been there a long time time ago.
    Go girl, you are a true servant (Public Servant). CONGRATS.


  6. Congratulations mister Roserie on your promotion u and shane dat was you all agenda. Twas all about promotion. U got urs this round,shane yours may b next time. So Roserie I hope Downes will get a break from ur pressure 4 now


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