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Public invited to discuss homophobia on Saint Lucia

By United and Strong Inc.

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PRESS RELEASE – Since 2000 United and Strong (U&S) has increasingly advocated for the recognition of the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex people on Saint Lucia.

As part of its advocacy, each year the organisation takes the opportunity during the International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia (IDAHOT) to bring public attention to the various human rights concerns of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and intersex (LGBTQI) community.

This year’s theme “Stand with LGBTQI Youth” puts the focus on issues affecting young people, including bullying, education and family.

Activities for IDAHOT include a public panel discussion and screening of a documentary film, in addition to a youth debate and the sale of pink ribbons to mark the day.

The public is invited to the panel discussion, which will be held on Wednesday May 20, 2015 at 6:30pm in the conference room of the Cultural Development Foundation (CDF) in Barnard Hill.

It features professionals in the areas of education, human rights and law; among them Principal of the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College Urban Dolor and lawyer Akim Larcher.

Jamaican human rights lawyer and activist Maurice Tomlinson will be the special guest panellist. Tomlinson is currently facilitating a human rights sensitisation workshop in Saint Lucia with his spouse Tom Decker.

The panel examines the respect for diversity, the existence of LGBTQI persons and progress of advocacy on Saint Lucia.

This is in the context of criminalisation of same-sex intimacy between consenting adults under sections 132 and 133 of the criminal code and the accompanying stigma encouraged through religious, cultural and social norms.

The documentary “The Abominable Crime” is a story about a mother’s love for her child and an activist’s love for his country – and the stakes are life and death.

Spanning five countries, it explores the impacts of homophobia through the eyes of two gay Jamaicans forced to choose between their homeland and their lives.

The movie will be screened on May 22, 2015.

This year’s IDAHOT activities aim to raise awareness of the effects of intolerance, stigma and discrimination on individuals and  the nation, towards acceptance of LGBTQI Saint Lucians.

Activities also reflect the organisation’s 15th anniversary theme“Education, Acceptance, Love”, as U&S continues to work to eliminate stigma and discrimination, reduce inequality, and protect human rights and lives.

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  1. They want section 132 and 133 off our law books, some people have asked to remove the death penalty. If these are taken then, all hell break loose.

  2. Some of these comments are so sickening and ignorant I'm almost ashamed to be Lucian. The people want to raise awareness of the rights of the community so that the can stop being hunted down like animals and murdered because of people's ignorance. Nobody told you all that they were coming to turn you homosexual or influence your preference in any way. If you were to inform yourself, you would know that it is not something that you choose so if you're not lusting after the same sex now, them talking to you is not going to magically turn you homosexual, get your mind out of the mental prison you've built for yourself. The people are human beings, I'm sure the people crying about their religious rights and whatever are the biggest sinners here, what about Carnival time when we have almost naked people everywhere, what about the people fornicating all over the place, the people killing each other like dogs, those are not sins as well? I'm ashamed to see the level of intolerance and willful ignorance displayed here. But I guess all the people protesting are perfect right?

  3. Why can't he and his go to Jamaica and facilitate their BULLS***t over there? Why does it have to be Lucia? What example are we setting for the younger generation in St. Lucia?

    Everyone has the right to live life however they want to cause it will be the individual facing his/her judgement when the time comes. However, please don't be encouraging the youth into that level of nastiness like it's the right thing when it's clearly NOT.

    Everything that isn't welcome elsewhere, lets take to St. Lucia. There must be a stop to such BullS***t..

  4. I wonder what went through the mind of Sir Dunstan St. Omer when he saw what the LGBT did to our national flag?

    • What did they do to the national flag?

      • Associate it with filth! That is what they did but you people will always be wrong and strong. The people that support you are just as bad. Don't you notice the state that gays become. All of them look all bend and twist up, they can barley walk when they get to their forties.

        • How did they associate it with filth? Be careful, your prejudice is showing. Not all gays look bent and twisted and can hardly walk, you just have that image because you are determined to associate them with something negative. What about all the homosexuals who are prominent in the entertainment industry and are over 50, none of them look all bent and twisted and they walk just fine. They are people just like you and me, the only difference is their preference for partners. I know many St. Lucian men and women who are homosexual and past 40 and they look healthier than some of the 20 year olds. Where are you getting your one sided "facts" from?

  5. its comments like this that makes people view us lucians as ignorant people... nobody never said you cant have more than one woman its jus that they want you to be protected thats y they say keep to one partner.. and the International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia And Transphobia (IDAHOT) isn,t just aut acceptance if you read clearly... so when yall have yall petty comments check it first cuz it makes no sense... LGBTQI people has alot to offer in this world but because of the ignorance, stigma and discrimination that they are hiding they talent and what they has to offer in this world so to the people with the petty comments hush cuz i bet LGBTQI people are way better than you despite the fact that they like people of the same sex thanks

  6. What rights??? You'll are NOT special!!! You are not ABOVE the rest of us. You are just regular people who choose to sleep with someone of the same sex!!! Give you'll an inch and soon you'll will be suing bakery owners in St. Lucia who refuse to bake a wedding cake for a same sex marriage. Respect OUR rights in continuing to practice our religious beliefs

    • Can you give us specific examples of anybody from the LGBTQI community infringing on your rights? Can you tell us any instance where they came to you and shoved their lifestyle in your face? Can you tell us about any case where they came into your house and tried to tell you that they were above you? Or are they all disguising who they are and stifling their own lives because they are scared for their lives due to the ignorance of other people?

  7. I hope they have plenty of security at that event because there's bound to be ignorant, intolerant people who will want to cause trouble at something that's supposed to be about acceptance.

  8. Sodom and Gomorrah that's the days we are going back into and those people are helping the word get destroyed with such wickedness and abomination in the eyes of God. Everyone has a right to free speech so I am excersing my rights to that freedom.

  9. Those people fighting for the right to be with the same sex partner but yet still are against us real men who decide to have more than one woma

    • so having multiple women/sexual partners makes is the definition of a real man?!?! interesting...;

    • what shate you talking there. go somewhere else with that nonsense.

    • If you need to have more than one woman to feel like a man, I'm sorry but that's overcompensation and is not the definition of a "real" man. A real man knows his worth and does not need to be defined by having multiple women, a real man can make do with one woman and realise that he is just as responsible as she is for meeting all his needs. A real man does not need to brag about having multiple women or put down men who are monogamous. If you need to have several woman to feel like a real man, I'm sorry to say but you're not a man at all but a boy pretending to know what it is to be a man.


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