Public call for name and logo for New National Hospital and New National Hospital Complex

Public call for name and logo for New National Hospital and New National Hospital Complex

Castries, ST. LUCIA – Saint Lucians of all ages are being given a voice in the process of naming the New National Hospital and the New National Hospital Complex and in designing its brand architecture through a naming and logo competition to be launched within the coming weeks.

While students of secondary and tertiary institutions are especially encouraged to participate, the contest is open to all members of the public.

The construction of the New National Hospital came as a result of Saint Lucia’s rapidly growing healthcare needs. This has necessitated the need for urgent reform of not only the secondary health care system but also the primary health care.

Rather than a replacement facility for Victoria Hospital, the vision is for a medical compound housing the island’s major wellness facilities within a modern, technology-driven, service-oriented organizational culture.

An early target will be to secure accreditation for the facilities, which will enable the complex to stand up to the scrutiny of international protocols governing standards of operation for the medical sector in general. In effect, this medical complex will be on par with the best in the international health care sector.

According to the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Health, Ms. Cointha Thomas, this new medical complex aims to both enhance the hospital experience for the resident population but also to earn the confidence of the visiting public.

“We open our borders to vacationers, visiting business people, and those who are looking at Saint Lucia as a prospective investment destination. Our aim is to provide a medical experience that earns the confidence of all our patrons, whether resident or otherwise.” Thus, she said that the product must reflect first class service delivery, professionalism and empathy, confidentiality and a commitment to learning and to innovation.

The selected name will thus speak to the values of empathy and nationalism and should carry the rationale behind the proposed name. The winning logo will in turn be one that corresponds with the distinctive and aesthetically pleasing brand character articulated by the proposed name for the new facility.

There are no requirements regarding colors, or shapes proposed; however, the design must be original, creative, and possess a simplicity befitting a medical facility. A logo rationale describing the mark and the significance of its colours and design aspects should accompany each entry.

Entrants are asked to note that while not every proposed name submission needs to be accompanied by a corresponding logo, every logo submission must be accompanied by a proposed name.

A $1000 prize will be awarded in the event of a solo winning name submission, while $2500 has been reserved for the winning submission which comprises both NNHC name and logo.

A seven-member committee comprising high and mid-level staff from the various medical facilities to be housed at the New National Hospital Complex will do the preliminary shortlisting, while a team of professionals with expertise in graphics design, and high level Ministry personnel will preside over the final selection.

*Upon submission, ALL entries become property of the Ministry of Health.
Guidelines for Logo Designs:
•Preferred file type:  EPS File (or PDF)
•The file should contain artwork that has been drawn in illustrator and not imported into it
•All fonts should be converted into Outlines
•Other acceptable file types: TIF JPEG or PSD
•The file should be high resolution at least 300 pixels per inch
•Deadline for receiving submissions November 30th, 2012.
•Submissions should be presented in person to: Mrs. Natasha Lloyd Felix, Director, Bureau of Health Education, Ministry of Health, Wellness, Human Services and Gender Relations, Sir Stanislaus James Building, Waterfront Castries.


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  1. I have a question. In order to qualify for the $2500.00 does the entrant need to have both the winning name and logo?


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