Prudent wants full and independent investigation of RSLPF

Prudent wants full and independent investigation of RSLPF
Therold Prudent
Therold Prudent
Therold Prudent

Political Leader of the Lucian Peoples Movement (LPM) Therold Prudent has said it has always been the policy position of his party, that a successful crime-combating strategy must first begin with a disciplined, committed and corruption-free police force.

Therefore, he would recommend that a full and independent investigation of the entire Royal Saint Lucia Police Force, from the top down, and the enactment of any necessary legislation to deal with incompetence, corruption, abuse of power or other wrongdoings.

“This is in order to provide a reliable top-notch force that serves and protects our country and its citizens effectively and efficiently. Simply put, the first step in any serious anti-crime initiative must first involve the removal of incompetent and/or corrupt officers from the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force,” Prudent told St. Lucia News Online (SNO).

Unless this is done, the LPM leader says Saint Lucia can never achieve the levels of law and order the nation deserves.

But he also cited the need for police officers to be equipped with the necessary resources to eradicate criminal activity on the island, including appropriate training to ensure the highest level of professional conduct by police officers and improve investigative and reporting standards.

“The current situation furthermore requires a speedy, transparent and public resolution of the numerous outstanding coroner’s inquests and other investigations,” he asserted.

Prudent also reiterated previous calls by his party for a national consultation on crime and the enactment of tougher legislation to offer a measure of hope to people.

“The outside world is no longer oblivious to these serious issues and it is time to end the political hypocrisy.”

The LPM is also calling for a full review of the Customs and Excise departments, immigration and port security, and other statutory bodies that are responsible for the island’s borders, and preventing the importation of contraband, including drugs and guns.

Prudent said, “We recognise the need for a modern public service and we therefore call for speedy progress with public service reform and modernization, to promote the delivery of efficient government services and the elimination of excessive bureaucracy and red tape.”

Effective legal, economic and social justice management is an acute requirement also. Therefore, the LPM is convinced that the island will be better served if government ministries were placed in the hands of trained professionals with the knowledge and skills to pursue a non-partisan and focused national policy on trade agreements, development issues and investments, to bring jobs and other opportunities here.


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  1. I don't think that there is anything that is definitive of a corrupt cop. Most people act in a corrupt manner only when are presented with a situation. According to Prudent's interpretation, a corrupt cop will always act corrupt, which is almost an impossibility.

    What should be done is to strengthen the administrative and investigative arms of the police. There are good examples of best practices procedures for the administration of police. Check for example the UK Police Act, ours is outdated. This Act also makes provision for the use of custody officers, this measure could curb the police abuse of holding persons without charge, while using silly excuses such as "investigating officer is on leave or has the day off." There also needs to be an independent body set up to investigate matters involving police officers. There also needs to be a revision of the Coroner's Act to be more adept to changes and the new requirements for a modern society.

    These are the logical steps I thought that Prudent could have offered. Other than that its just a whiff of hot air that politicians let out just to let people know that they exist.


    • That was playing politics with a life and death issue. Very insensitive! Very insensitive. That there did not come from someone who is supposed to be able to do deep thinking. Sad!


    • Have you read the measures he put into place.perhaps you should before going on a bias rant about Mr Prudent.


  2. Ignorance rams wild when we support a particular political party .
    Why would any right thinking citizens be against removing corrupt cops from the police force .

    Sometimes I say leave st lucians to their own foolish design


    • Prudent just got carried away after the thumbs-up he just received. He miscalculated. He wanted more. So he wrote more. But in this dizzying pace of deaths, suicides, and wanton attacks on visitors and residents, do you consider that another study of the Police would reduce the uptick in the spate of crime?


      • I don't think that Mr. PRUDENT's position is an atrack on the police .In my view he was just voicing what a lot of us have known-that there are some. offices who are not committed fully to fighting crime. And that the country would be better served if they were plucked out. Let's be fair to the gentleman


    • That was essentially a publicity stunt. A publicity hound will say anything to get into the papers. No real deep thinking is given to the context of the statements. How will an investigation of the police now help with the crime situation. Call on the honest police to do their jobs. Devise or revise a code of conduct for promotion etc. Call for a convincing independent tribunal to deal with disciplinary issues. Give it a real bite or authority with sessions conducted before someone in the established judiciary. Give it teeth.

      Devise and improvise on what the constitution allows. Where it may not compromise and ongoing investigation, publicize the sittings of that body.

      Stop this political foolishness and madness of always trying to gain political mileage out of the miseries of the society. This is scandalous political mischief. Besides, it is very unbecoming of those who claim to want to make positive change in this country. LPM is now "damaged goods".


  3. Seriously Prudent?? you want to give the police more pressure? even in the current situation where the force has been embarrassed to a shocking degree? Why you eh give a relevant idea for once gasoh, The stabbings, shootings, rape and child abuse, give solutions for these things instead. STAY ON TOPIC PRUDENT.


  4. There are few resources to put more police in trouble spots, but there will be to put the police under greater scrutiny after the BOTCHED IMPACS experience? You are politicking, man! Just politicking. Great sense of humour too. Another bureaucratic investigation and people are dying daily like flies? Is this LPM pressure group dead serious?


    • LPM is blind-sighted by its own rhetoric. It like the SLP's lies. You repeat your foolishness so often enough to yourself, that there comes a time when to you, it is the solution everybody has never heard about before. There is no special attention to budget, to technical resources, to training. In other words, it is just wordy barstool crap.


    • Stop being an idiot. Just yesterday they put out a set of comprehensive strategies to combat crime. The ideas they put out there was among the best i have seen of any party in modern times. Its a shame that we keep electing the same group of people and yet we expect a different result.


      • Blame the line up of foolish ministers of education over the past 70 years. Those who are lucky get to enjoy a livelihood that is above just cutting and pruning bananas for life, or being just hotel maids.


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