Prudent urges St Lucians to attend rally on Sunday

Prudent urges St Lucians to attend rally on Sunday

(PRESS RELEASE VIA SNO) – On June 6th, 2016, the citizens of our country elected a new government, which vowed that, compared to its predecessor, it was better able to ease their economic frustrations, upgrade the national infrastructure to the extent that it rivalled that of other metropolitan nations, provide adequate and high-quality healthcare, and renovate existing schools and build new ones while revamping our education system.

Today, these are among a host of promises that the government has shamefully failed to fulfill.

Over two years later, it appears that the grand illusion which the United Workers Party (UWP) presented to the electorate as its “robust plan” to transform St Lucia has finally given way to reality. This plan, which was intended to put St Lucia first, has now degenerated into a lavish scheme of parcelling out St Lucian land to bogus foreign investors while the government repeatedly demonstrates that it lacks the moral and ethical convictions to provide transparency with regard to the revenues derived from the sale of St Lucian citizenship and passports through the Citizenship by Investment Programme.

Our nation’s healthcare is currently in a deplorable state, and as many continue to die as a result of inadequate and poor-quality healthcare services, our government has embarked upon another dangerous idea that would privatise healthcare and place St Lucia’s ailing citizens at an even greater disadvantage.

The social and economic challenges facing our youth, coupled with the general unemployment plaguing the country, reflect a dismal and desperate situation: as no new opportunities arise, young people are forced to turn to unlawful activities to survive. In my lifetime, I have witnessed firsthand the struggles and hardships of the St Lucian people; however, never have I seen this level of irresponsibility, callousness, arrogance, and inflation of ego, nor have I ever witnessed the mismanagement of our island’s scarce resources to the extent that is currently being practised by the UWP government.

Therefore, to all who are worried about what is happening within the corridors of this government, you need look no further than at the secret and emerging agenda which seeks to relegate St Lucians to second-class citizens of our nation. It is clear that the only individuals who are truly benefitting from the UWP being in power are the ministers of government, their families, and others enclosed within their circles.

As the leader of the Lucian People’s Movement, I have an obligation to forewarn the St Lucian people of the gathering storm clouds that threaten to wreak havoc upon our beloved island. It is, therefore, an opportune moment for us, the patriotic sons and daughters of St Lucia, to stand up and be counted.

I urge you to join me this Sunday, September 9th, 2018 as we stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters of the St Lucia Labour Party to begin an important march towards real change and the election of a new government which is truly representative of all the people of this nation.


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  1. Leaders lead. Others follow. You are not a leader if you do not have followers. A one-man pappyshow is more like it. Therefore, when you follow the SLP you are no longer a leader. You are a follower.
    To which body parts are the puppet strings attached? Mamzelle, look out for the strings. What do you see?. To you, all you are seeing is a donkey running after a biscuit this tied to a stick that is front of its head?


  2. None of the parties has the capacity to put on display policy frameworks on key development areas. It was bananas at first that dominated the conversations. Today, it is tourism. When they talk about other national issues, it is always a low-down empty tirade of simply casting blame on the other party. No intellectual input. That is the depth of talent and skill. Just stupid people doing stupid things, that a lot of other stupid people praise, shout about, and call for more. The country is made up of just too many plain dumb party faithfuls.


  3. LPM is all out to sea. It is now looking for a home. Gros Islet looking a little more developed than Castries in many ways, is now lost to its party leader. SLP it would seem, does appear to be the closest thing to a home. Gaining just about 100 votes in the last election is a tall order to get greater traction. Caterpillar wheels may be needed next time around.


  4. We do not have a transparent political culture in Saint Lucia. We nver had. We never did have one from colonial times. At that time, almost everything any government does was stamped "classified" in the government service. Then, the SLP to it to a higher level.

    If we are not partisan, we will recall the disaster that remains as an albatross around the neck of this country. I give you the Grynberg oil deal disaster. Just two persons knew about it. That is until it blew up in their faces and then the rest of the country.


  5. More importantly i think our current government is the one who needs to be more transparent to build their credibility and renew trust in citizens. Prudent can do whatever he wants..its up to the people to vote him in


  6. Mr. Prudent you are an Opportunist......Will you be the SLP candidate for Gros-Islet next election...Transarency please....Let St.Lucians know of your Political aspirations with the Labour Party!!!p


    • Up to now, that accidental politician does not know the difference between a political party and a pressure group. Some face a very steep learning curve and do not realize this.


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