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Prudent raises alarm over unemployment in Gros-Islet


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LPM Leader Therold Prudent.

In expressing his grave concern over the number of young people throughout the Gros Islet constituency who are currently unemployed, the Leader of the Lucian People’s Movement (LPM) Therold Prudent has called upon the parliamentary representative for Gros Islet Emma Hippolyte, to pay greater attention to this issue, which could well pose future problems – not only for her but also for her replacement as district representative for Gros Islet.

According to Prudent, periodically employing a handful of constituents in the government-run Short Term Employment Programme (STEP) is certainly not sufficient to alleviate the high levels of unemployment, throughout the constituency of Gros Islet.

Moreover, the scarce number of jobs that are available in a constituency of this size and magnitude, which makes it Saint Lucia’s largest political district, only serves to raise the levels of social frustration and economic disparity that exist among the people of Gros Islet.

“I am prepared to do my part,” said Prudent, “and I hope that in the interest of the people of Gros Islet, Miss Hippolyte will set politics aside and work with me to help eradicate the ugly scourge of unemployment up north.”

According to Prudent, a first step would be to carry out a thorough unemployment exercise throughout the entire constituency of Gros Islet that would seek to determine not only the unemployment rate for that particular constituency, but also give a clear identification of precisely who is unemployed, including their educational background and other skills sets.

Once this information has been compiled, Prudent proposes the establishment of an independent body called the Gros Islet Economic and Renewal Council (GIERC). The GIERC will consist of two representatives from each of the key communities that make up the constituency of Gros Islet. Those persons would have had to receive the overwhelming support of their respective communities in order to serve the council for a period of five years.

The GIERC would then be charged with the responsibility of managing a newly created Jobs and Skills Training Bureau that is geared towards appropriately matching the unemployed with available jobs throughout the constituency, while offering appropriate training to those whose educational background and skills fall far below the acceptable requirements of potential employers.

The overarching goals of the GIERC would be as follows:

A) To drastically reduce the rate of unemployment by formulating innovative and progressive ideas for job creation in order to meet the economic needs of the people of Gros Islet

B) To liaise with the business community in order to identify existing areas of employment

C) To guarantee that the right to employment is not determined by one’s political affiliation but rather by one’s qualifications and ability to perform a given job.


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  1. What a load of crap! You do a study. Then afterwards the jobs suddenly become available. You hear crap? Man that is crap.


    • What are you so afraid of? Will the jobs come without any preparation or foundation in place? Who is talking crap? Mr. Prudent or you?

      Lawrence you not even making any sense what so ever!!! Choops


  2. You asked whether its political Someone lost his life and it is political? It always is cause its the duty of the law by extension the government to protect the life of every person especially when they are in custody. That's the law. You may not accept that a youth lost his life while under the protection of the law but you would be very disturbed it were yours. Life has a funny way of making things right and making things go around. The youth has a family am sure that you have too and you are asking whether political? If you are a youth get some education it might save your life someday.

    If you are one of the skilless conveniently employed vultures who continue to suck on public funds. youths go astray is because of bad parents. Start inculcating good values in the youth and start giving them the avenues to work and express themselves positively. You should really try going to school to know what politics entails. It means that government is accountable to the people. Damn, even your little kid knows that.


  3. These are some of the best reccommendations I have read to date from any politician. I hope Mr. Prudent gets the chance to do some good things for us.


  4. Wam there what the hell the USA have to know about Chahadan's death? Listern man/ woman this 2014 asked the youths them in your community to respect each other try toiling the ground to plant ground provisions instead of watching and waiting to robe people out of their hard earn monies ok. As far as i am concered case closed. You fool always trying something political. Next.


  5. Legal marijuana so so the country will not have so much unemployed people


  6. Dear Mr Prudent, Jadia and others who have so much influence could you kindly ask the Minister responsible for National Security AND THE pRIME mINISTER BY EXTENSION what is the status of the INVESTIGATION INTO THE DEATH OF CHAKADAN? We would like to know, his family would like to know, if that doesn't work then the United States would like to know.


  7. Good Idea but first we may need to find out whether this job is the responsibility of another agency. As in this hard economic times we cannot afford to have our efforts duplicated and do things in a way that conflicts may arise between agencies. We already have the Human Resource Centers in many of the communities. Why they are closed? I don't know. We also have to look at the Financial requirements of such an undertaking. with the right approach and funding it could work.


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