Prudent congratulates Ezra Augustin and Caribbean Metals Pan time Steel Orchestra

Prudent congratulates Ezra Augustin and Caribbean Metals Pan time Steel Orchestra
Ezra 'D Fun Machine' Augustin
Ezra ‘D Fun Machine’ Augustin

The leader of the Lucian People’s Movement, Therold Prudent, has offered his sincere congratulations to Mr. Ezra “D Fun Machine” Augustin after an outstanding performance which earned him the prestigious title of Monarch at this year’s Power Soca Competition.

According to Prudent, Ezra’s victory is more than simply a proud moment for his family and all the people of Gros Islet; rather, it is significant in the sense that he has become a model citizen, which is exactly what his deceased mother, Coretta Augustin, had always envisioned.

To those of us who loved her dearly and were fortune to be around Ezra during his early years, the memories of an eight-year-old boy sitting on the back steps of his mother’s shop on Bay Street, diligently reading aloud every story in the weekend newspapers or belting out popular tunes he had heard on the radio, was perhaps the earliest indication of the exceptional talent which was being moulded.

The Caribbean Metals Pan time Steel Orchestra of Gros Islet also came in for high praise from Prudent for its resounding success in capturing the top spot at this year’s Junior and Senior Panorama Competition. Under the superb leadership of Mr. Cecil Philgence, aka “Tortee”, the people of Gros Islet had much to celebrate.

Prudent concluded that it is quite possible that the people of Gros Islet may be able to build upon these recent musical successes because music has always been the fabric of our community. However, there must be consistent support for young people throughout Gros Islet who are musically inclined in order for the community to remain at the pinnacle of musical excellence.


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