Provide information on workers or face consequences – NWU to NIC

Provide information on workers or face consequences – NWU to NIC

The National Workers Union (NWU) said it has given the National Insurance Corporation (NIC) an ultimatum to either provide work-related information to facilitate its industrial exercises or accept the consequences.

In a press release, the NWU said the NIC has repeatedly refused to willingly provide the union with information regarding to workers.

According to the union, “information previously requested by the NWU to enable the union to meaningfully participate in an exercise, had to reach the department of labour before the NIC complied with the union’s request”.

It further stated that the union further sought information relating to workers’ length of service, qualifications and present salary but “management has bluntly refused to accede to the union’s request. All of the requested information is of importance so that the union could fully prepare to make a meaningful contribution to a reclassification exercise”.

The NWU said it has made another “official request” to the director of the insurance company, Matthew Mathurin, through a letter dated July 19, 2013.

“The letter went on to state that should the NIC vow to maintain its anti-worker anti-union position, the NIC would have to accept all industrial consequences,” the release said.


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  1. Aren't these Trade Union people aware that personal information of employees cannot be given to them by management? If it is a reclassification process that is at the heart of the matter, what is required is the structure (both current and proposed) of the establishment and what qualifications will be ascribed to each position. The NWU management know better and should not try to disrupt the NIC for them being inept. Mr Maynard should speak to other organizations where reclassifications have taken place so that he can move on. Update yourself, brother unionist!


    • Sorry David, it's too late. Maynard acts like he's got the Labour Dept on his payroll. More companies will be leaving soon.


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