Prostitute dies trying to evade cops by jumping out of window

Prostitute dies trying to evade cops by jumping out of window

(NEW YORK POST) – A prostitute jumped to her death from the third-story window in Queens rather than be arrested by cops who were in hot pursuit amid a sting operation, police said Sunday.

The 38-year-old sex worker made a deal to perform a sex act with an undercover cop while they were inside 135-32 40th Road in Flushing at 7:30 p.m. Saturday, according to officials.

The officer called for backup, and the frightened woman leaped out the window, landing on the sidewalk below, police said.

She was taken to Booth Memorial Hospital, where she later died, officials said.

Cops have not released the woman’s name, but neighbors said she went by the name “C.C.” and turned tricks inside a massage parlor there.

A woman working at a nearby jewelry store said the victim had just gotten out of jail four months ago and confided to fellow massage-parlor workers that she would “kill herself” before being arrested again.

“It’s really horrible. I Saw the paddy wagon this morning and I knew,” said Rob, 42, who lives nearby and said he sometimes spoke with CC about her search for a new job.

The death comes as lawmakers grapple with the seedy massage parlor industry.

Queens Councilman Jose Peralta introduced a bill in October that would require massage parlor owners register with the Department of State and apply for special four-year licenses or face fines and potential jail time.


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