PROSAF willing to provide support to recent rape victims

PROSAF willing to provide support to recent rape victims
Souyenne Dathorne
Souyenne Dathorne
Souyenne Dathorne

Co-founder and director of Positive Reactions Over Secrets and Fears (PROSAF) Souyenne Dathorne said her organization is deeply concerned by recent cases of rape reported in the local media.

Dathorne said her organization is willing to provide support to these victims, to help them through this tough period in their lives, and to provide the necessary counselling to get them back on their feet.

However, the PROSAF co-founder said it will be left up to the victims, to decide whether or not they will take up the offer, noting that the organisation will not force itself on the victims.

“When you are doing a case of survivor of sexual violence in trying to empower them, it has to be them to make the decision to get help. I don’t expect them to call and divulge their entire story but to call and say I need help if and when they are ready,” she explained.

PROSAF has in the past provided counselling and support to many victims of sexual assault and rape. The organisation has also conducted successful sexual violence education programmes and studies.

Dathorne said too that she is happy to see that more persons are coming forward to report cases of sexual assault and rape to the police, despite there are still some challenges.

“Sexual assault remains one of the most under-reported crimes and it continues to be that way because of the stigma attached to it, where you are blamed for being sexually assaulted,” she added.

Dathorne also lamented over the lack of prosecution in these cases. She had told SNO in a previous interview that this is an important issue, which must be addressed by the authorities.

She believes that once proper protection and care is given to these victims, it will also reduce the chances of them being bribed into dropping these cases in court, which has happened before.


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  1. Whilst I commend and applaud PROSAF's effort to assist victims, the statement that they will not force themselves upon victims speaks a little negative. I know I am not a shrink in any way but, if you want to have a positive impact and be proactive in your efforts, then you need to go out there and "force in a subtle way". I had never heard of PROSAF until reading this article. How many St Lucians know of PROSAF. Where are you, what's your number, how can I reach you. You may need to find the victims and show them that you want to help. Do a little in your face activism for the cause. Victims of/with "Secrets and Fears" are just that; secretive and fearful, scared and suspicious of everyone especially in our small society. They almost always do want to talk so continue providing support but just be more "in your face" maybe have an intervention, it works for junkies.


    • Hi Terese, Survivors of sexual violence have had their choices, power and control taken from them through their assault, by forcing in a subtle way, by forcing at all I am repeating the cycle. I would be again taking their choices away, telling them what is right for them, taking away their power and their control. Survivors of sexual violence will decide when they are ready to share, when they are ready to seek help. Not many people understand what survivors of sexual violence go through after the assault, what they have to deal with. We, can suggest seeking help, we can supply avenues for seeking help, but the decision must come from the survivor. I agree many people are unaware we exist, but there are many who also know that we do. We are an up-coming non-profit doing our best to help survivors where we can. PROSAF - stands for Positive Reactions Over Secrets and Fear - positive is being there for survivors but allowing them to be in-charge, empowering them to decide what comes next.

      PROSAF has been around unofficially since 2010 and officially since 2011, all agencies know we exist, we have done quite a bit of activism over the years, we can't do more without the co-operation of those who deal with survivors of sexual violence. We are here for survivors and will continue to be here for survivors.


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