Proper impact assessment on effects of explosion needed (letter to the editor)

Letter to the Editor

17392929_336753346721351_1002623984_nThis is a call for a proper impact assessment of the effects of such an explosion.  

Firstly, to assess the stability of the surrounding mountains, especially the Tois Piton environs, and secondly, to invite residents within a certain radius (to be determined by the experts) to get free testing, especially for their ear drums and whatever else the experts think should be monitored.  

I think that we have not begun to understand the magnitude of the effects of yesterday’s blast, and that as families mourn, the government should move to aid ALL the affected living, especially the most vulnerable among us – the children, the sick, the poor and the ignorant.  

This could have serious long-term effects, not only on the health of persons in the environs, but also on the stability of the lands in the environs. I look forward to hearing from NEMO, HEALTH OFFICIALS and other relevant experts to give sound advice to St. Lucians who have been affected and may or may not know it.  

I think that it should not be left up to residents to determine the possible effects of a disaster of this sort.  Let me reiterate a DISASTER has occurred and there is silence except for the cries of those who mourn.  My sincerest condolences to those who mourn and my deepest concern to those who lived through it.

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  1. We need to think of the health effects of that blast. Do we know how much toxic waste was released into the atmosphere. I suggest that free health screening should be given to all environs and proper assessments should be made in order to curb any health issues that may arise due to this tragedy because you do not want unexplainable health issues in future. While we mourn for the dead and my sincerest sympathy goes out to all the families, let's also think of the condition of the living. All the people who were passing at that time and all those who were at work should also be given health screening. Then all the environs should get their properties evaluated for any damage caused to take the further legal actions necessary.

  2. Indigent** not ignorant

  3. not only that but i am sure that blast caused damage to house cause you could feel that like an earthquake am sure houses have some cracks in long term wouldn't be good for the residents.

  4. I fully endorse this view. It is imperative that the responsible agencies consider the suggestions submitted in this article.


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