Proper due diligence will be applied to CIP, says CEO

Proper due diligence will be applied to CIP, says CEO
CIP CEO Cindy Emmanuel-McLean
CIP CEO Cindy Emmanuel-McLean
CIP CEO Cindy Emmanuel-McLean

Citizenship by Investment Programme (CIP) Unit Chief Executive Officer, Cindy Emmanuel-McLean, has declared that proper due diligence will be applied to the programme.

Emmanuel-McLean told a media conference on Thursday (Jan.22) that she is fully confident that her unit will act in a professional manner and ensure that the programme becomes successful.

The CIP Unit head said her staff are fully committed and aware of the seriousness of the CIP, and some of the issues that could be derived from not applying proper due diligence.

Emmanuel-McLean revealed that her unit has already been receiving calls from persons who are interested in knowing more about the programme, explaining that things are likely to build-up in months ahead.

Two global marketing firms, Arton Capital and CS Global Partners, have been selected to assist with global marketing programme to attract foreign investors to the country.

Government also recently announced five locally based authorized agents for the CIP. They include: Thaddeus Antoine (TM Antoine Partners Advisory Inc.) and four others.

All applications received by the CIP Unit will be vetted to ensure that they are compliant.

Each applicant file will be sent to one of four foreign companies for due diligence. These include: Thomson Reuters, BDO Consulting, IPSA International or Wealth X.

Once that process is completed, the file is then returned to the CIP Unit and recommendations from that Unit will be made and the application is then forwarded to the CIP board.

The board which is headed by Dr. Ernest Hilaire will then make a decision as to whether the application is denied or granted permission to invest. The Prime Minister will then issue a certificate granting citizenship.

Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony has maintained that the CIP will bring greater foreign direct investment to Saint Lucia, thereby creating hundreds if not thousands of jobs, and create opportunities for all.


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  1. Is the due dilligence based on character assessment or financial status?

    Considering the areas the CIP is being promoted and the conflicts ongoing in some of those areas 'character assessment' would be of the upmost importance.


  2. Thomson Reuters as part of your due diligence process?

    Did you guys just throw names in there hoping st. Lucians would have no idea what you speak of?

    How exactly is a mass media house....part of due diligence for an investment in exchange for citizenship program?????

    What are they supposed to do???? Do an article data base search of the name of your prospective investor in the hopes that their slate is clean????

    What BULLSHIT?!

    That makes no sense as to why Reuters is part of the due diligence process. Absolutely none whatsoever. If you were to say they were part of your marketing process that would be more believable. But you take us for such idiots that we would believe Reuters would be part of due diligence.

    I digress. Labor party officials have no idea what due diligence is as the very CIP office which she runs along with H is staffed by friends and members of red unlimited.

    There was no due diligence done in the hiring process why would it continue for the investors?


  3. If one person (a married arabian male for example) applies who has four wives and each wife has five children, thats 25 persons so far in one family.  As parents are also allowed (age depending);   is that the wives parents also or just the parents of the man who applied  (2 parents or 10 parents).    If the children (20 in this scenario) have children of their own, (who would be the grandchildren of the original applicant),  are they also eligible under the original persons application and/or can the children (of the main applicant) gain citizenship for their children (who would be the grandchildren of the original applicant) as they themselves have become citizens through their parent (the main application for CIP).   Does this entire family (25+ persons) come in as one CIP application or 25+ individual CIP applications?

    Parts of regions the CIP is being promoted allows for multiple marriages (4 wifes) therefore the family circle could be quite large. 

    Will each family member be scrutinised or just the main applicant?


    • And of course, let's not forget - based on the above scenario -  each of the original children (20 in the above hypothetical scenario) may be married, and each son of the original applicant may have as many as four wives if he chooses), etc, etc.  The overall family unit through one original CIP application could be enormous!


  4. CIP, CCJ, CSME and just about anything the Kenny promotes, reeks of the vulgarity of political mischief. In all of these far-reaching and disruptive developments being implemented and advocated, ONE CONSTANT is this. The electorate is studiously avoided, IGNORED, and bypassed.

    The payback for all of this type of SLP transparency is to put this clique of Orwellian double-speak politicians out to pasture for good! Therefore, if our Saint Lucian electorate ever matures, SLP will be in the political wilderness


  5. what have never been clarified is
    This can lead for international trouble for ST.LUCIA. (see St.Kitts/Navis with Canada)


  6. This is where this is going. Guaranteed. Juffali was just the start.


  7. The US, The Europeans and the UK need to withhold recognition of anybody holding a CIP acquired passport until the IMPACS fiasco and Juffali affair are dealt with properly.
    Trust me that will get the red snouts out of the trough and make them pay attention. Presently that teat so sweet they not hearing or seeing anything else.


  8. CIP is another factory for the clueless and incompetent. Poor my country!
    we were once ahead in the OECS. what happen to us? The answer would
    be alleged dirty politics, corruption and nepotism. Things that have never brought
    growth and development just more disaster.


  9. Imagine the PM has the authority to veto his own boys and girls. Wasn't CIP legislation improperly construed? Where then is the due diligence, transparency or accountability if the PM has the power to veto his due diligence Board?

    This means that due diligence has been kicked in the butt out the window from day one. I mean if am the boss and can overturn your decision, what the hell are you coming to me to tell me about due diligence.?

    So it either obvious that it is either all investors come through the PM or all investors come through the PM.

    Do the Math and i want someone to disprove what i have said.

    You have all been taken on a boat ride in US waters with plenty rum, Saudis, Russians and who knows who. with no engine or oars.


  10. Mrs McLean, We need to incorporate AGRICULTURE into the CIP program for persons or families who wish to invest in that area. Our Agri lands are becoming CONCRETE JUNGLES with no way of bringing income and jobs to our people.


  11. From my information about the composition of the board, and the selected agents thIs things is like a CARNIVAL BAND and a big joke. Transparency and dillegence my toe. These days every body touting delligence. Dilligence coming from US, Brits, French and the EU


  12. Remove people from retirement to block young people from employment.Be prepared for the brain drain.


  13. Seriously, it is time for this regime to get lost. They are too blatant in their dealings now and their arrogance is extreme. Poor hacks, when will you get a crumb from the big boys table? Anyway with a track record of incompetence and failure, I can see this failing very soon. good lcuk


  14. Want it or not CIP is here................We are shoving it down your throats whether you like it or not!

    Until something really drastic happens, fair Helen is completely annihilated, then and only then will KDA develop a backbone to stand up.


  15. What are the SOURCES of YOUR "intelligence "as your guide for your so-called "due diligence?" It is now the buzz word. But there is due diligence and on the other hand, there is "due diligence."

    We in the very poor country has seen an extremely irresponsible minister of finance do "due diligence." The country saw our Treasury depleted of financial financial resources because there was no know-how and no intelligence. We got ourselves in a financial pickle. Frenwell. Black Bay. Grynberg.

    You cannot do due diligence without reliable intelligence. And more than tons of encyclopedic IMPRACTICAL knowledge in one discipline, there is absence in today's government, the application of an even a modicum of basic "normal" intelligence.


      • We are not idiots. We have done our research extensively about this program and how it has been ran by all the Labour Parties through out the eastern Caribbean.

        St Kitts and Dominica to name a few
        And st. Lucia is following the same pattern:

        Hire a bunch of party supporters and the usual haves to staff the CIP office

        Funny how all the recruiting will be done from the middle east. Can of worms!

        Lucians beware.


          • They'llkeep it if it makes money. You know politicians already. They only beat their ass when it suits them. All of them are scum.


          • Clearly you are an idiot of great proportions. You your self did not take the time to do an y research but instead decided to come to this board raising your red banner high.

            Have you heard of FINCEN???? Have you read their many reports on such programs? Have you any idea what the ramifications of this will be?

            YOU KNOW nothing, unless you are one of those who are benefiting from said project by working for CIP but I digress.

            This is a dangerous program.

            Please elucidate further your version of due diligence and mine are completely different.

            Even the hiring process at CIP did not factor in "due diligence".

            Everyone who is working there is a close friend of red unlimited. Who yall fooling???

            Recruiting from the middle east is beyond assa


    • My Sentiment exact, and do you notice that none of these persons on the board have any business accumen, neither have they any track record of being involved in business to be able to see a bull shitter for a mile! SMH


  16. So if this wonan is Ceo, then Ernest must be the grand Ceo. These jobs are suddenly coming out of the works. Enjoy it for the next few months because none of you will be in a position to do Kenny's bidding after the next elections.


    • This must be a high voter turn out election. We need to get ALL these maggots out of office and into the political wilderness for good!!!!!!!!!!!!! FOREVER!!


    • CIP board members are:

      Dr. Ernest Hilaire – Chairman
      Mrs Cindy Emmanuel-McLean - CEO
      Mr. Dwight Lay – Attorney General’s Chambers
      Mr. Lucius Lake – Immigration Department, Royal Saint Lucia Police Force;
      Mrs. Raquel Willie-Trotman – Attorney-at-Law, Private Practice; and
      Mr. Deale Lee – Attorney-at-Law, Private Practice.


      • Observed on day 1 repeated on day 100

        No Civic Society Rep
        No Opposition Rep
        No Private Sector Rep as in ppl in biz, not lawyers
        In fact...
        Why soooo many Lawyers?


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