Promise new secondary school students now honoured

Promise new secondary school students now honoured

Tuesday, August 07, 2012 – The promise made by the government of Saint Lucia to ease the burden of families who have children entering secondary schools for the Academic Year 2012/2013, has come to fruition.

This week – August 7th  2012, the Ministry of Education began the distribution of  its one off five hundred dollar bursary to every student scheduled to commence secondary school this year.

The distribution process was launched at a ceremony held at the Gros -Islet Secondary school attended by Minister for Education, Human Resource Development and Labour, the Hounourable Dr. Robert Lewis and Minister for Commerce, Business Development, Investment and Consumer Affairs and Parliamentary Representative for Gros -Islet, the Honourable Emma Hippolyte.

Parliamentary Representative  for Gros Islet Honourable Emma  Hippolyte acknowledged how important such a gesture was to the prospective secondary school students in pursuit of their education.

“This bursary that we are getting today is impacting the lives of children, you will be receiving the five hundred dollar cheque but it is the children’s lives that we are hoping to impact and you have heard Mr. Monrose exhorting you to use these funds properly. We know that there are a lot of things you have to do as parents but please use these funds, a lot of people told us we should give you vouchers instead of cash but we are using this opportunity to invest trust in our parents”

The program is aimed at providing aid to prospective secondary school students in an effort,  according to government , to facilitate the development of the country through the promotion of education. Minister for Education, Human Resource Development and Labour , Honourable Dr. Robert Lewis noted the importance of education to development of the young persons.

“Besides a mortgage on a house, maybe the next biggest investment anybody can make in this lifetime now is education. Education is a lifelong process and we encourage you , those who have not begun, you need to begin now. Thinking of these children who are entering secondary school next month, you need to begin to think not just about secondary school but you need to begin to think about tertiary level education, because the burden on the state is becoming a very honourous one but the point is parents begin to think of education beyond just secondary school”

Parents are advised to listen to further announcements as to the time and venues allocated to each district for the collection of the bursary.


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