Prominent Saint Lucia attorney Marcus Foster dies

Prominent Saint Lucia attorney Marcus Foster dies
Marcus ‘Harry’ Foster

(SNO) — The legal fraternity and the wider Saint Lucia community are mourning well-known attorney Marcus Foster, also known as Harry and Olay, who passed away here Tuesday morning, Sept. 4, according to reports.

He was 54.

Tributes have already begun to pour in on social media.

“I have seen this man in action in court on a good day…Brilliant Man…may he RIP,” wrote Zennie Belle.

Randa Jean stated: “That’s not any news I was expecting to hear . RIP waaa”

According to Foster’s profile, he was propretior of Marcus-Peter Foster & Associates from November 1992 to present, and graduated from Hugh Wooding Law School in 1989.

He also studied law at the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill, and was a past student of Barbados Community College, Sir Arthur Community College, and St. Mary’s College, according to his profile.

He was born on June 4, 1964.

A number of his relatives are professionals in the law field.

“Sorry to hear of your passing Olay I knew you were ill. However you were one of the greatest debaters and lawyers. RIP and may God give your family strength,” wrote Dan, in tribute to the late attorney.

Marcus Foster (second from left) with his clients, officials of Lambirds Academy. * Facebook photo

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  1. Those who say bad things were over served and should pay 1000% more for such class attorney and they know it toof


      • how you wanted him to live ? you jackass cases for free ?? you dumb fool ..chps ..if yourll have nothing nice to sayy dont say nothing at all ..


        • Earn it the right way COMRADE ! When you are paid for services in civil litigation and your client is awarded compensation DONT KEEP IT FOR YOURSELF HAND IT OVER. This should have been Jamaica they would have disbarred his backside long time.


          • Stop the bullshit! You coward! why wait until he's dead to complain? This is not the forum for throwing accusations. Grow some balls!


  2. Great friend ..trusting ..surprising ly of if not the best lawyer ever in the Caribbean..stubborn ...but would give the shirt off his back to a total stranger....may jah bless his family.....shal moutar Rest In Peace


      • Forty tow thousand five hundred and sixty two dollars and sixty two cents yeah really really really really GOOD DAM RIDDANCE


        • first off need to learn your numbers and you really need to learn how to spell jackass .....and secondly .. he was really a good damn lawyer for you to pay that amount of money for him to represent you dumb fool ...


        • Don't be an idiot. He's gone now and lamenting and calling him names won't give you your money back. And you are saying good riddance as if you wont die someday. Have you no sins? Leave the dead man's name alone.


    • What an ... Oh wow he has eternal life. I hope i live to hear of ur death for me to say good riddance to u mongrel


  3. sorry to hear of your passing Olay I knew you were ill. However you were one of the greatest debaters and lawyers. RIP and may God give your family strength.


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