Progress evident towards establishing Saint Lucia’s National Spatial Data Infrastructure

Progress evident towards establishing Saint Lucia’s National Spatial Data Infrastructure

(PRESS RELEASE) – Recently in Saint Lucia for the fifth time, consultants representing Kadaster International, tasked with working alongside local stakeholders to launch Saint Lucia’s National Spatial Data Infrastructure, NSDI, explained that the team is now at the stage where a Change Management Strategy (CMS) is being developed.

Once the document with the ideas has been sorted out and a final blueprint established, the implementation of the Change Management Strategy can start immediately, the consultants said. The visibility of the strategy, though, will be realized only when the various groups and sectors can utilize the information for the purpose of decision making, which ultimately will redound to the benefit of the government and people of Saint Lucia.

Led by the Department of Physical Planning (DPP), the National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI), actively being pursued through the Disaster Vulnerability Reduction Project, DVRP, will positively impact foreign direct investment opportunities into the country, by providing easy access to critical information needed for strategic decision making purposes.

A functioning NSDI will improve the country’s ease of doing business ranking by opening systems and platforms to enable players across all sectors to create, share, analyze, and use critical information for improved and efficient decision making.

A coordinated NSDI will also serve as a warehouse for vital climate change data, which will also allow for better engineering design for disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation across all sectors.

There is global consensus that spatial planning provides predictable conditions for investment. When used constructively, the NSDI is expected to promote prudent use of land and natural resources for development and for promoting sustainable development resulting in the improvement of the quality of life of the citizenry, thereby leading to poverty alleviation.

Given the complex nature of the initiative, which requires legislative review and data consolidation and management across all sectors, Saint Lucia’s NSDI should technically be fully functional within 2 to 5 years.


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