Produce it or stop threatening – Chastanet tells SLP about alleged MOU

By HERMISHA ROLLE, Staff Reporter

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The allegation that the United Workers Party (UWP) held discussions with a delegation from the Civil Service Association (CSA) about a memorandum of understanding which would see the UWP providing the executive of the CSA with diplomatic passports when elected into government, has been labelled as ludicrous by party leader Allen Chastanet.

This week, the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP), in a press release, had challenged the party to come clean about the matter.

Speaking in an interview with Saint Lucia News Online (SNO) on Thursday, June 26, Chastanet rubbished the claim, stating that it was not “deserving of an answer”.

He in addition, challenged the SLP to produce the evidence of the MOU.

“First of all, the question doesn’t even deserve an answer. I mean, it’s so ludicrous, and if in fact the Labour Party has any evidence of an MOU, produce it and stop threatening,” he said to SNO.

The party leader said he has no intention of taking legal action against the SLP for that allegation.

“The United Workers Party does not operate in the same manner as the Labour Party. We believe in democracy…. We’re looking to gaining the trust of the people, and if people have any questions about any of policies or any actions that we may or may not have taken, they are free to ask us and it is our responsibility to answer them. But it’s a ludicrous statement and instead of focusing on fixing up the economy and giving people reprieve and hope, the Labour Party is continuously looking to blame other people for the mess that we are in,” Chastanet said.


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  1. where are they now the Rouge foot soldiers,
    u eh hearing dem at all. im happy that uwp lost the election everything happens for a reason and my expectations were exactly what it is this present day.Nonsense, no vision,
    how u expect to run a business (country) and don't want to spend. u have to spend to make money, its that real


  2. Claudius Francis had a hit on him some time ago, walking all around town with a bullet proof vest...the SLP machinery is desperate, they will do anything for sympathy and to remain in power. WE COULD SEE NOW. WE WANT KENNY AND CO OUT, OUT, OUT.


  3. WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  4. Another day in paradise. This people on drugs or something? Thats why i'm independent. Look to either side same noncence. Lets concentrate on lifting the lives of Saint Lucians. Better rates to own house and land from financial institutions, jobs, security, etc. Instead of he say, she say. Tired of this!!!!!


  5. If was kenny and his boys they would sue because of that statement. Look at them guys can never remove my attention from matters at hand. I was blind, now I can see!


  6. Claudius used to be my role model as a child. Now I feel embarrassed to say that. But then again he is singing for his supper. Sing on claudius. One day....


  7. Claudius??? Hope he has documents on himself too.....rubbish!!!!!


  8. Well Claudius said he has documents to the contrary so lets see how that one will be played out.What did a judge say about Chastnet again?? Time will tell.


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