Prize-giving ceremony for De Soca Lypso Revue Tent set for this Thursday

Prize-giving ceremony for De Soca Lypso Revue Tent set for this Thursday

De Soca Lypso Revue Tent will hold a prize-giving ceremony on Thursday, March 7, 2013 at the conference room of the Cultural  Development Foundation, commencing at 6:30 pm.

The ceremony follows the inaugural Independence Calypso competition hosted by the Tent on Feb 23, 2013. The Independence calypso show was endorsed by the National Independence Committee,  the Ministry of Creative Industries and the Calypso Association of 2009, and was included in the schedule of activities to commemorate the island’s 34th anniversary of independence.

The show, which was deemed a success, featured 12 competing calypsonians, performing newly written compositions by some of the well-known writers of  calypso in St Lucia. The eventual winner of the song competition was Black Pearl who gave a fantastic performance on the night. The other calypsonians who placed were T.C. Brown, Lady Spice and Minelle.

At the prize-giving ceremony, awards will be presented to winners of the song competition as well as the writer of the best lyrics.

Representatives of the Ministry of Creative Industries, National Independence Committee and the St. Lucia Calypso Association are expected to be in attendance at the ceremony.

De Revue Tent is grateful for the support given by sponsors, patrons and its executive members and hopes to make the Independence show an annual one.


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