Private sector forum discusses productivity improvement options

Private sector forum discusses productivity improvement options

The National Competitiveness and Productivity Council hosted a “Private Sector Forum on Productivity,” Thursday, in an effort to monitor and improve productivity in various sectors in Saint Lucia.

The forum allowed participants to make recommendations for improving productivity in their individual sectors.

NCPC’s Communications Specialist, Geraldine Biscette-Joseph spoke on the need to embark on this initiative.

“Everybody has an idea, but nobody knows for sure what the level is within their sector. The study was important because we were able to assess and provide that information. When you are not sure, you don’t know what actions you should take, what methods should be implemented to get the productivity levels up. From here on we can, and we have experts from the region here today to participants about ways they can address the problem of productivity levels in their sector.”

Biscette-Joseph also highlighted the importance of the productivity assessment undertaken.

“One thing that was never done in St. Lucia before was the National Productivity Study, which actually gave some information as to where our productivity levels were. It allowed us to pinpoint the areas where we were lacking so that we can now work on improving them.”

Individuals from the construction, tourism, wholesale and retail, financial services, agriculture and manufacturing sectors benefited from the private sector forum on productivity.


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