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BVI prisoners describe conditions in Saint Lucia as ‘barbaric’: report

By Virgin Islands News Online

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They described the cells as small and the holding facility as ‘old’ and unfit for animals. Photo: Provided

BALSAM GHUT, Tortola, VI – Virgin Islands News Online, first and accurately reported that the remaining prisoners from Her Majesty’s Prison (HMP) at Balsam Ghut, who were sent to St Lucia—following Hurricane Irma—had been returned to Tortola, on September 6, 2018.

Many prisoners who made contact, have said they are “happy” to be home and described the conditions at the Bordelais Correctional Facility in St Lucia as ‘poor, harsh and barbaric.’

Prisoners that spoke with this publication also related that on many occasions they were punished for refusing to eat some of the food being served and that very often they did not have clean drinking water or the water was off or brown in colour, leaving them to purchase drinking water.

We got recruitment

They described the cells as small and the holding facility as, ‘old’ and ‘unfit for animals.’

Prisoners have since provided Virgin Islands News Online with photos of the conditions of the Bordelais Facility.

Former Head of the Bordelais Correctional Facility in St Lucia, Mr Verne Garde, was recently recruited to head HMP by Minister for Education and Culture and co Leader of Government Hon. Myron V. Walwyn (AL).

Many prisoners who made contact, have said they are


Prisoners describes conditions in St. Lucia as ‘barbaric.’ Photo: Provided

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  1. Well at least their speaking up will help the st.lucians who are in there to get improved conditions.

  2. It seems is Sandals Grande or Royalton these guys wanted to come and stay while over here. We Lucians don't even always have water at our homes is in our prison ur'll don't want the water turned off.

    Stop going to Jail if you don't like the conditions you ungrateful bastards. We should send a bill to the BVI Government for every bread you all ate while over here! Sakway boowoe!

  3. After they finish eat an drink they talking crap now .......they want to do they crime an to leave in luxury smh yo tay Pou cah bor lawii co chien dey bun a-dis-cway cor pa way zor they back in deh country now so they talking

  4. This is prison!!!!!!! you are not on a vacation. if you want to be in a hotel, stay out. maybe you will think twice about robbing, killing, raping, stealing. obviously they did not spend enough time at Bordelais because they still came talking Sh....T!!

  5. waiting for the slp to blame chastanet and announce if elected they will house any future criminals at coconut bay and sandals

  6. I don't know if they expected to have custodians to clean up their mess. This is prison, it should be designed to make you uncomfortable enough to get your act together and not return. This is one of the reasons why we have so many repeating criminals in the system. They know that they can commit their crimes and be treated almost as if they are at home. By the way, they broke one of the rules by having access to cell phone/s. So it is not barbaric as they are stating.

  7. Y'all should have contacted Mary Francis and ask her to stay at her home. She alone that does talk crap like y'all. Y'all take a trip so y'all expected to stay at a hotel. Well some of y'all victims aren't so lucky cause they are dead. Now shut y'all ass.

  8. I thought jail was do supposed to be unpleasant to lessen your intrest in wanting to come back. Smh but what do I kno.

  9. Theyvwanted a 5 stat. Lol

  10. After that experience, I know you're definitely rehabilitated.

  11. The prime minister brought them y'all don't like the truth ha ha he bring them we fed them (tax) for every action there's a reaction the guy is on a roll, got even me thinking I could do a better job

  12. U reap wat u sow yall santies.yall didn't get enough time in dere.yall hav the heart to destroy families nd properties wit a smile then after yall want to time send them to Russia present.

  13. Aaaa but these good for nothing's have big beds they can spread thier legs how they want😂😂😂😂😂

  14. So bordelais is not a hotel like some described or we are just so poor compared to the bvi

    • Those people think that’s hotel seriously thank goodness we help you in prison that how it’s suppose to be not comfortable if every prison was like comes will be no more

  15. Where did u get the phones u took these pic?I thought it was not legal to have a phone in jail.

  16. What a bunch of crybabys. I wish I had a bed and shower that nice.

  17. What did you useless criminals expect, a five star hotel.

  18. Lol. They have a bigger bed than I do in there. I guess they were expecting to stay in a hotel room with bars on the windows and door.

  19. Yall want to do all stupid crimes and then want to be treated like royalty in prison. What yall expected?? Even with these conditions some of yall spend more time in jail that out.


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