Principals gather at education conference

Principals gather at education conference

(GIS) – The National Principals Association officially hosted the 36th Annual Education Conference.

The conference being held under the theme “Educational Leadership- Achieving Success Through Self Reflection, Relationship Building And Conducive Learning Environment” affords principals an opportunity to hone their professional development and management skills.

Valerie St. Helen-Henry is the President of the National Principal Association.

“This conference presents an opportunity for us to reflect and celebrate how far we have come while also looking ahead to where we intend to go, and how we can get there using best practices. Your presence at the annual conferences and participation in our discussions strongly indicates that your respect our profession, and you want to work with NPA Saint Lucia to achieve its goals.”

St. Helen-Henry expressed gratitude to the principals for the effort being put into their work daily.

“What is remarkable about each one of you is that your motivation is to always do the absolute best you can for each one of the students in your care while providing support for the teachers you lead and support. Principals belong to an extraordinary group of workers and we have to recognize this for ourselves.”

Minister for Education, Innovation, Gender Relations and Sustainable Development, Hon. Dr. Gale Rigobert, during her address at the conference, reaffirmed her commitment to improving the education system in Saint Lucia.

“I encourage you to engage in continuous self-discovery and self-reflection, and to create strong, healthy relationships.”

The national principals conference took place at the Sandals Halcyon on Feb. 6.


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