Prince Henry of Wales arrives today!

Prince Henry of Wales arrives today!
Prince Harry
Prince Harry
Prince Harry

PRESS RELEASE – Saint Lucia is in a state of readiness as the Government and People anticipate the official visit of His Royal Highness Prince Henry of Wales. The youngest son of Prince Charles and Princess Diana is known more popularly as Prince Harry.

This will be the first visit to Saint Lucia by Prince Henry of Wales who is undertaking an official visit to the Caribbean on behalf of Her Majesty The Queen, between 20th November and 4th December 2016.

On Tuesday, the Royal Visit Planning Committee headed by the Executive Chair Senator Dr. Adrian Augier held a media briefing at the studios of the Government Information Service to announce that every effort has been made to ensure that the Prince has a memorable stay on island.

Senator Augier stressed that the official programme planned for the visit will as much as possible include opportunities for national participation.

“The welcome ceremony for the Prince is at Pointe Seraphine Berth No. 2 on Thursday afternoon. Guests and media are expected to be there by 4:45 PM. Clearly there are a few procedures to go through in terms of security arrangements and we would like everything to be in place. That ceremony will comprise largely government officials as it is the Official Welcome by the state to the Prince”.

Dr. Augier indicated that there will be an area designated for the public to take in the function.

“Members of the Public who are interested in witnessing the ceremony would be able to come alongside the Pointe Seraphine Complex where the berths divide from the main Complex.”
For the benefit of the public, please note this location is near the Pyramid building. The docks will be opened for access and will be heavily manned by security.

Comprehensive coverage of the Royal Visit will be provided by the Government Information Service/National Television Network (NTN) including Live coverage of the Exhibition Cricket Match at the Daren Sammy Grounds on Friday from 9:15 AM, the Tree Planting ceremony at Pigeon Island National Landmark at 1:10 PM and the Street Festival in Soufriere from 4 PM. Intermittent updates will also be provided on the government website and also on the Facebook Page


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    • That’s smutty, disrespectful and low! Fortunately, you’re speaking about someone with class, otherwise it would be cutlasses at dawn. A typical Lucian will not have their mother maligned - sick, sick humour!


  1. One of my favourite royals, Prince Henry of Wales is youthful, sensitive and personable. I hope he receives the best of Lucian hospitality.


    • Prince Harry's real name is Prince Henry Charles Albert David of Wales. Harry was a nickname given to him by his late mother Princess Diana.


    • @smh you must feel so dumb right now... lol I bet you were so confident in your unresearched post. Google is your friend so try to use it next time. hahaha.. good laugh today.


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