Prince Charles describes Saint Lucia as a “strong society”

Prince Charles describes Saint Lucia as a “strong society”
Prince Charles in Saint Lucia
Prince Charles in Saint Lucia

(SNO) — Prince Charles has described Saint Lucia as a strong society that places emphasis on family and community, during a ceremony in Vieux Fort on Sunday afternoon.

He visited the island for three hours on Sunday as part of activities marking St. Lucia’s 40th anniversary of political independence from Britain.

From left: Governor General Cenac, Prince Charles, and Prime Minister Allen Chastanet

“This is a strong society, I know, and one which places special emphasis on family and community,” he said. “As you celebrate, this year, everything that Saint Lucia has achieved over these four decades of her Independence, I know that you also take pride in committing yourselves to building the strongest, brightest future for this country.”

He said that he will pray for Saint Lucia and its citizens to “continue to thrive and to flourish, and that prosperity, security and well-being might be the inheritance of many generations of Saint Lucians to come”.

He also said Saint Lucia is a small island with a big history.

“The road that Saint Lucia travelled to Independence in 1979 was long and took many turns,” Prince Charles said. “Four decades on, as you look back at the journey you have taken and look ahead to the future you are building, the people of Saint Lucia have so much of which they can be proud.”

Prince Charles in Saint Lucia addressing the leaders of the Carribean Islands on the occasion of St. Lucia’s 10th anniversary of their independance from England. He was stationed there when he was serving in the Royal Navy years before. * Photo credit: Burt Plotkin Photography

He pointed to the island’s sportsmen and women, and musicians, who he said is making a name for themselves internationally.

Prince Charles said he recently met Saint Lucian entrepreneur Johanan Dujon recently in London whose company is making organic fertiliser from toxic sargussum seaweed.

He described Dujon as “just one example of Saint Lucia’s abundant talent and creativity”.

“Famously, of course, Saint Lucia has more Nobel Laureates, per capita, than any other country on the planet,” he said.


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  1. In just three hours he could tell that we are strong society? Did he go to the mange ? Hmmmm


  2. Don’t tell me, you guys feeling proud this guy said you a strong society ha! Yea right. Should make it stronger by making Great Britain pay for reparations of all the atrocities suffered during slavery.

    That’s what we need to be talking about. Bastards got rich off the backs of African and giving Caribbean folks a hell of a time in Great Britain. Can’t fool me !!


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