Prime minister’s speech today will be a “make” or break” – LPM


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Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony

The Lucian People’s Movement (LPM) has said that based on the expectation that Dr. Kenny Anthony’s speech tomorrow night will offer more than an update on the island’s progress since the disastrous rainstorm on Christmas Eve, it plans to tune in and would like to encourage Saint Lucians from all political spectrums to do likewise.

The LPM describes Sunday’s speech as a “make-or-break moment for the prime minister because he will have to prove that his administration’s understanding of the role of government far exceeds the typical self-serving references to national unity that have been made in the past”.

National unity, according to the LPM, “goes beyond utterances about coming together made in a speech or the mere formality that occurred last December when former opposition leader, Stephenson King, was invited to attend an emergency meeting with the prime minister”.

“In fact, while the government’s outreach to King was commendable and was perhaps the right thing to do, given what our nation had just experienced, it failed in its objective to move the spirit of ‘national unity’ beyond the corridors of governmental formalities. In that respect, Dr. Anthony’s administration may have missed an opportunity to galvanise national support for his government’s disaster relief efforts along with the myriad problems that we currently face,” the LPM said in a news release.

“The storm may have compounded our ability to dig ourselves out of our current social and economic woes; however, it certainly should not be used as an excuse to buy time or delay the implementation of structural reforms, which are necessary components to achieving social and economic independence. In addition, while we should all undoubtedly be grateful for the tremendous level of assistance that has poured into our island from charitable governments, agencies and organisations from around the world, our nation cannot continue to remain in this perpetual state of dependence,” the political party added.

The LPM strongly believes that tomorrow night is a defining moment in which “we hope to finally find agreement with the prime minister and his government and to begin a new era in which opposition political organisations (in or out of parliament) are able to respectfully exchange ideas with the government of Saint Lucia for the greater good of our nation”.

“Therefore, unless there is a concerted and genuine effort on the part of Dr. Anthony to reach out to all Saint Lucians and to address the pertinent issues of unemployment and job creation, crime and his government’s plans to undertake a series of long-overdue structural reforms throughout the civil service and other governmental agencies, his speech tomorrow night will be merely another national exercise in futility,” the LPM added.

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  1. Lucian thank you for the info I will go on Caribean News Now to check it out.It appears they read my comments.Thanhs

  2. I listerned to the PM speach tonite, much of what he said is what he thinks that the St. Lucian people whats to hear. Its poltics as usual. But Mr. PM how can you say 7 years for rapeing a child or woman or a man is an idle punishment for the rapist. Do you know that person is trumertise for life? life in perison and hard labour should be the best jail time for that person. But again this is St. Lucia we are talking about its all a joke with these politics. SLP/UWP/LMP Same kiki pants. same shit different day.g

  3. Our problem in this country Is that everyone is an expert. The Prime Minister's address to the nation can be discussed, dissected and everything else that persons deem necessary. However I do believe that to preempt the speech really makes no sense. To say that it will not motivate or ask the question will it motivate is to my mind mischievous.

  4. LMP I grew up knowin u have to sleep with chickens to know if their snoring so how can u be living,eating,sleeping,working'spending an saving ur finances else were but slu an want to tell slu peps u want to take charge an will not run away after u get ur full another toll to the peps who suffer an can't run away like u when tings get HOT in ur face

  5. The LPM has no foundation to stand on, not even a seat in parliament. Therefore I stand by my previous comment...because it's true.

    • You must stop acting like a sniper against the people's party. The LPM and them have shown more balls than a lot of your friends in parties with foundation. This is why the country is where it is today.

  6. I very much doubt that any members of the LPM have served in any senior capacity in government,it is simplistic to criticise from the sidelines and also give the public your alternative policies for success without all the information at your disposal,LPM put your party up for election an let the people decide if they want you to represent them,one cannot fight from outside the political arena.

  7. AA- LPM bad man. Hold on tight because I kinda like what I see.

  8. LPM, I love your ideas, you have good ones but that's all you've got while most of you are sitting in and paying taxes to someone else' country. You also need to understand that you are NOT Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition, in fact, your credibility is just like us bloggers here.
    So I say let the man talk, and then you can react instead of preempting. I actually find it disrespectful of the office...not Kenny, but the office of the PM.

    • Sorti la Son of Helen. Not her Majesty's loyal opposition? What the heck is that suppose to mean? Her Majesty's loyal opposition is only relevant in the house. You know what the word democracy is all about? I don't think that LPM should take a cue from her majesty loyal opposition or what have you. They are free to speak out and always give their point of view. I don't fault them because they add a very vibrant and good mix to the kind of politics we should be having. It's time to behave yourself.
      Loyal opposition my foot!!!! And they sleeping on them. Choops

      • Son of Helen

        Allow me to understoond you better because you seem a bit confused. One one hand you claimthe LPM people have good ideas. On the other you seem to insinuate we shouldn't respect them because they are not HLO.

        Is that logical?

        I am not one to get involved in party politics but permit me to ask you a simple question. If you have been sick for a very long time andthe medicine your old doctor is giving you isn't working, would you refuse to take another medicine from a different doctor?

        What if the new medicine has the potential to make you better, would you still refuse it for fear of not offending your old doctor?

  9. Bambi read LPM's letter to the Prime Minister published about two days ago on Caribbean News Now. There are ample proposed solutions to fiscal reform that can begin to inject sustainable life in our country. It's a very good article.

  10. On point LPM! Maybe your party is hoping for him to say something worthwhile but I don't expect to hear much.
    This man is like an old vessel. The vessel has runned out of steam.

  11. As you rightfully stated your well written statements are exercise in futility as you have no idea how a government is run. Can I read about solutions please.


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