Prime minister welcomes appointment of Integrity Commission

Prime minister welcomes appointment of Integrity Commission
Prime Minister Dr. Kenny D. Anthony
Prime Minister Honourable Dr. Kenny D. Anthony

Pursuant to Section 118 (1) of the Constitution of Saint Lucia, Her Excellency the Governor General has appointed the following persons to serve on the Integrity Commission with effect from February 11, 2013 for a period of three years:

(1) Deacon Winston Taylor, MBE (Chairman);
(2) Mrs. Mary Popo;
(3) Ms. Diana Thomas ;
(4) Ms. Joanne Flavia Cooper; and
(5) Dr. Timothy Robinson

Prime Minister Hon. Dr. Kenny D. Anthony has welcomed the appointments and expressed regret over the delay.

Dr. Anthony said: “I have stated categorically in the past, that the Integrity Commission is extremely important to maintaining integrity in public life. When the current Integrity in Public Life Act was introduced in my previous life as Prime Minister, it was to ensure full disclosure and guard against the use of public office for personal enhancement. Under my leadership as Prime Minister, the Commission has always had a free hand to operate as is provided for by the law. I have also cautioned all my Ministers that failure to adhere by the provisions of the Integrity Commission Act is a breach of the law and their commitment to integrity and probity in public life.

“While I would have liked for the Commission to be in place earlier to commence their work, the Prime Minister is mandated to consult with the Leader of the Opposition, before making recommendations to the Governor General to appoint the members fo the Commission. It is rather unfortunate that over three months elapsed between the recommendations to the Leader of the Opposition and a response expressing his views.  Nevertheless, I welcome the appointments.”

The Integrity Commission was established under the Integrity in Public Life Act, which was passed in 2002.


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  1. i believe that the electoral office and the commission of integrity should work hand in hand. Before a minister and potential candidates go to pay their deposit to run for public office, the should make it mandatory to make their assets and wealth public. If they do not or they choose not to be truthful, they should be disqualified and loose their deposit immediately, they should also be disqualified for next election as well, its time we get serious about this.


  2. Why DOnt This government stop blaming the opposition for everything that seems to fail or they cant handle. Thats y the were booted out of office. Do your work and provive he betters days you promised PM. God Word promise if you and the res of us in St.Lucia trun away from our wicked ways which includes our thought he will heal our land. Have a day of Prayer for ST.LUCIA.


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