Prime Minister urges graduates of OECS programme to adopt the right attitude

Prime Minister urges graduates of OECS programme to adopt the right attitude

On Monday, March 18, 2013, 186 Saint Lucians graduated with regional and in some cases international certification in various disciplines under the OECS Skills for Inclusive Growth Project.

The graduation ceremony, which was held at the National Cultural Centre, was attended by Prime Minister, Hon. Dr. Kenny D. Anthony, Minister for Education, Human Resource and Labour Hon. Dr. Robert Lewis, and Minister for Youth and Sports Hon. Shawn Edward, among others.

Hon. Dr. Kenny D. Anthony, who has pledged his support for this project, which was “birthed” during his previous stint as prime minister, expressed his pride and excitement that these young men and women have taken one step closer to their dream.

In his remarks, the prime minister reminded the graduates, that to soar to new heights they would need a little more than the certificates in hand. He reminded them that these competitive times demand that each individual proves to be exceptional in their endeavors.

The prime minister, speaking directly to the graduates, said: “So while I talk of learning and education being a national imperative, I am really speaking of an holistic, complete system of self-improvement. The missing ingredient is often our attitude. Many a time, people don’t get the job because their attitude both towards work and the work environment is wanting. Having the right attitude to life will generally result in having the right attitudes for work. So, at work, never let people know you’re having a bad day. Don’t let your emotions break your daily bread. Be helpful. Be polite. Be honest. Be careful. Be considerate. Be confident. Be prepared to learn. So once you have the right skills, the right knowledge and the right attitude, I am sure you can find opportunities anywhere in the world.”

The prime minister also showered praise upon the various business and technical partners who worked tirelessly to mold young men and women of character, who are now ready for the world of work.

Dr. Anthony stated:  “In parting, let me thank the programme management, the staff of the National Skills Development Centre, the Ministry of Education, the training providers and all the corporate entities who came on board to make this culminating day real.
Your efforts speak to the type of broad based collaboration between public and private sector that must happen to realise a better Saint Lucia. You have continued to work hard and deserve the acclamation of the nation.”

The graduation ceremony was the second of its kind held in Saint Lucia. The areas of training included general construction, office administration, commercial food preparation, food and beverage and housekeeping. Already, some 48 percent of the graduates have found employment in their chosen fields.


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