Prime minister to meet St. Jude board


Prime Minister and Minister for Finance, Hon. Dr. Kenny D. Anthony, is scheduled to meet the Board of Directors of the St. Jude Hospital and officials from the Ministry of Health, today, to discuss matters related to the operations of the hospital.

The meeting will provide an opportunity for frank discourse between the directors and the government on the difficulties faced by the institution in the delivery of health care. According to the Prime Minister, the Government is keen on getting to the root of some of the challenges and is committed to providing the support necessary to remedy the situation. Dr. Anthony said,

“Government has been working assiduously to deliver a brand new hospital in the south. On Tuesday, Parliament approved a loan of US$20,000,000 from the Republic of China (Taiwan) to complete the St. Jude Hospital. In the meantime, we are aware that there are some issues to be addressed at the current location. Today’s meeting provides an opportunity to be updated on matters related to the operations at the hospital.”

“As a Government we are committed to providing the necessary assistance to the Board of Directors and Management of the St. Jude Hospital, to ensure that the quality of health care is not compromised.”

Minister for Health, Wellness and Gender Relations, Hon. Alvina Reynolds, will also be in attendance.



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  1. We back to square one, when ministers as in John Compton's daze were mere broomsticks? The minister is a stand-in for a piece of cardboard for the SLP? The more things change, the more they god-dam remain the same.


  2. Its it crazy how the health care of our people is last on the agenda. So the budget was off by US20mill. SMH


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