Prime Minister Anthony to address nation tonight

Prime Minister Anthony to address nation tonight
Kenny Anthony

Prime-Minister-Dr.-Kenny-AnthonyPRESS RELEASE – Prime Minister and Minister for Finance Economic Affairs, Planning and Social Security Dr. Kenny D. Anthony will address the nation tonightThursday, May 19, 2016.

The address will be delivered on all local radio and television stations at 8:00 p.m. The text will be available to print and online outlets immediately upon conclusion of the broadcast.

The address will also be broadcast on the Market Steps where the ruling Saint Lucia Labour Party will be hosting a National Public Meeting tonight.

The Prime Minister’s address will focus on several matters of national interest and importance.



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  1. Lucian politics is like a coin toss. Heads or tails its the same damn coin. Kenny or Allen its just different faces for the same nonsense.

    Do any of these politicians look like they have the slightest idea what to do?

    My fellow lucians dont throw your hopes and dreams at politicians. You are wasting your time. Instead each and every person needs to look within him/herself and bring his/her best out. Only then will we rise as a people, as a nation.

    If you honestly in the depths of your heart believe that Kenny/ Allen will make a difference you obviously havnt been paying attention.


  2. It's amazing how some people are humble when they are (or they feel they are) about to lose the grip of power... 95% of the time they are super proud and 5% of humility.


  3. Kenny, you should call elections For Monday. UWP, is a laughing stock right now, it is not trending in any maket, people don't invest in laughing stock.

    I am a conservation, but cannot vote UWP right now, not with the head that is there, his father would be a better candidate, the leader of the UWP is ridiculous .

    Any body with any sense should vote SLP.
    As for the constituency of Grosislet, Emma is the winner hands down, as for spider, please do not come out in Election Day, because if you do you will be the only one casting a vote for you unless your family ciome and vote for you, if they can heave the US and return , because you know if they leave they cannot return


  4. Hahahahahahahaha...Is LICKS for you all. Pressure does burst pipe. Kenny eh know which way to turn. Market steps, now all of a sudden national address.

    Swallow the pills you gave the people of St. Lucia: Grynberg, Juffali, Rochamel, Lambirds, Jadia, Claude-de-Ass, Senseless lawsuits, Intimidation, ALBA, IMPACS, $11 million bridge, Cutting the grass behind the grass, Unemployment, $2.9 Billion national debt, Sky high allowances, Joy rides, Jobs-for-the-boys, Lack of respect, St. Judes Hospital, Poor healthcare, Rapes, Suicides, Rapists in our midst, Victimization, VAT, Water rates, License fees, and so much more!!!


  5. I am so confused its not funny. The worst thing as it has been said to happen to mother earth is politics. UWP asking for election to be called, SLP have to call it some day but yet people blogging negatively. I really don't care when it is. I don't give a R**s who win. With UWP in is an allegation of corruption every week. SLP no action to reduce unemployment and other societal obsticles. So whoever win, St Lucian and St Lucia will still be in pain, Health pain, hunger pain, unemployment pain, financial pains, economic pains, crime pain, just pain pain pain and more pain. Lord put a hand on Lucia pain.


    • I understand the bitterness and frustration but I think that at this rate we've seen so many years of Kenny D. Anthony and to be honest, he hasn't brought anything new.
      I'm for a change of governance and if they follow the same crooked path, change the leadership of both parties.


  6. In my opinion, Kenny should inform the St.Lucian people of his exit from Politics. The guy has taken advantage of the people for too long. He may have done good at one time, but his most recent term (last five years) it has been nothing but a disaster. He comes around to the poor people with some intellectual games which of course he can fool some people sometimes but he cannot fool all the people all the time. Kenny if you really love St.Lucia as you have been preaching, I suggest you hand over the powers to someone with new ideas. Your ideas are stale and they do not seem to be functional in this technical world any more. Thank you for your contribution and Adios.


  7. Addressing the country wont make any difference as a Prime Minister. This country has thought against its own people coming from oversees.


  8. Our Supreme Leader, Dr. Kenny D Anthony.
    Our Superior Political Party, The SLP.
    Will be addressing the Nation Tonight.

    All Inferior UWP supporters are kindly ask to glue your behinds to your Inferior chairs, with your Inferior intellect, to listen to what the SUPERIOR POLITICAL PARTY (SLP) HAS TO SAY.

    No need to thank me.
    It's my CIVIC DUTY!


    • Rotflmao!
      169 "thumps down?". Lol

      I told you the UWP supporters are Inferior. Lol.




        • I don't think they knew it was civil. No spellchecker in the world can help with ignorance. By the way that person forgot to say 'amen' at the end of their prayer to their god.


  9. Even if we were to get a set of sound economic policies rather than the continued confusion of incoherent SLP band aids as presented as sound economic initiatives, it would take some four years to turn this economy around. Just too much tomfoolery has been done by this clueless party. There is no room for fresh ideas.

    To add insult to injury, there is not enough honesty in there to have a debate even on the last budget.

    A 17 to 0 election result in favour of those who know, instead of those who just grope and joke around, would help clean the slate for revival of this economy. Nothing else will do as well. We have to remove control of this country's future from the grasp of those one-man shows. Too much is at stake.

    But Saint Lucians enjoy punishing themselves. And as such, we always get the kind of government we deserve. We will not learn. We will therefore feel the burn,


  10. Honestly all I want to hear is the announcement for the date of YOUR FIRING !! HURRY AND CALL THE DATE FOR ELECTION PLEASEEEEE!!!


  11. Man why haven' you gone ahead and finish with the budget of the country? What is the matter? Is the budget a joke to you?? personally I think you're the biggest Joke this country has ever had.


  12. Five to stay alive is killing you Kenny. Kenny you have taken enough advantage on us St Lucians with that vat.


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